The Birth of a New Adam

“The birth of a new Adam, the Soul, freed from the raw material to rise again.”

I believe that Humanity has reached an omega point in time, where too much importance has been given to technological and economic developments. Consumerism has reached a point of saturation with its devastating effects—the destruction of the wonders of Mother Earth and the exploitation of the energies of human beings. The real danger, however, lies in those ‘kings of the world’—unconscious cowards who continue to satisfy their desires at the expense of everyone and everything else.

Humanity now relies on solutions that are derived from technological progress, hoping now to find the solution to our earthly problems by colonising other planets. They do not realise that we would remain, in the Eyes of the Universe, as monkeys. We, as ‘human beings’, must begin to understand through our God-given use of intelligence, that technological progress, however sophisticated it may be, cannot serve the greater and deeper need. The time has come to change the idea of what true ‘conquest’ is and pursue it in another direction entirely. Our energies should be in rebellion and our attention turned to the purpose for which we are created: to discover the true meaning of Anima, the Soul, and to learn to live on earth, no longer like monkeys, but as Shining Souls. This is the vision of the new Earth that we must discover and recreate.

The sculpture of the “New Adam” is composed of bright blue-coloured human beings standing free from an obsolete and rough past. It is an invitation to reflect and meditate on the precious being that we are, the Soul, undistracted by the illusions imposed by the ‘kings of the world.’

~ By the sculptor