Reflections of Soul Qualities

Authenticity, harmony, divine essence, inner light, wisdom and transparency.
As we evolve and refine ourselves, inner colours become visible:
brilliant or less brilliant, depending on our thoughts, emotions and actions.
Nature inspires us to express the Soul’s vision in this way, for nature herself
is the perfect example of Beauty and Harmony,
giving us a living example of how we can become when we grow towards the Light.

The Female Essence

The female essence is needed on our way towards the New Era.
It is “she who leads.”
The essence of the feminine principle is related to healing, caring, and creating form,
just as the earth itself gives order to the impressions of Cosmic Spirit—
the masculine principle.

Woman Sets the Example of Unity

“Woman herself must set an example of unity.
We know how rare such harmony is . . .
By their own hands women of all races and beliefs
will help to mould the steps of evolution.
There should be no delay!”

(Aum 416)

Like Leaves in the Wind

As inhabitants of the subtle world, the new world,
we will communicate through Love,
each growing closer to the Celestial Light
according to frequency of thought.
Transparent and moving like leaves in the wind
we will live as if carried on the cusp of a cosmic wave.

Beauty, Truth and Goodness
~ Expressions of Divinity ~

“Why are women frequently perceiving the Subtle World?
Because in women the action of the heart is much more subtle and therefore it is easier
for them to transcend the physical.
In truth, the age of the Mother of the World is based on the realization of the heart.
It is only the woman who can solve the problem of two worlds. “

(Heart 106)


The Coming One

The Christ will come with His Disciples,
Masters of Wisdom.
They are coming to illumine the way
to a world of Justice, Peace and Harmony,
in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.