Friends do not despair a divine Plan is working out
Friends, do not despair. A divine Plan is working out. The soul of humanity is awakening.
The soul awakens through moments of revelation
The soul awakens through those moments of revelation when we sense Divinity running like a river through all of life.
Emotional love steams and evaporates divine love grows in the eternal flame
Emotional love steams and evaporates; divine love grows in the eternal flame of the heart.
Seed divinity human blossom Kingdom Souls
The seeds of divinity latent in human beings are fully blossomed in Those Who abide in the Kingdom of Souls.
Seed of divinity flowers reveals kingdom of soul
The seed of divinity sown and grown in the soil of human endeavor flowers and reveals its true beauty in the Kingdom of the Soul.
New Age chain love entering City of Peace
The New Age is built through a chain of divine love. By entering this chain, we build the City of Peace.

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