This is what scientists say about the brain of the adolescent or teenagerAdolescents differ from adults in the way they behave, solve problems, and make decisions. There is a biological explanation for this difference…

…Other changes in the brain during adolescence include a rapid increase in the connections between the brain cells and making the brain pathways more effective.

This statement addresses only the brain of the adolescent:  the being who has not yet connected to the soul.  Listen to the thoughts of an adolescent who has connected with the soul. 

“Wow, it’s as if I can hear their thoughts.  It’s for sure I can feel their feelings.  I wonder if they can hear me?  I’ll send them a request.  Turn around, turn around, turn around.  Oh, my goodness, they turned around.  It’s weird that I can do that.  Is it a special gift?  I will be very careful with my thoughts, because others can hear them and feel them.  There must be some reason that I have these gifts.  They must come from God.  Maybe that’s why I feel so different from people my own age.  Perhaps God wants me to help people with these gifts.  I will use my gifts to help others.  I must be careful how I live my life.  I will not hurt others, and I will forgive others if they make a mistake and hurt me.  I will be like Jesus.”

There are many beings who are born into this world with a “knowing.”  They know that they are here for a purpose.  They come here with a connection to something higher that they may or may not be able to explain to others, and so they usually keep these thoughts to themselves.  They have a connection to the Soul—their Higher Self.  Without any real understanding of what the Soul was at that stage in my life, I knew I was connected to something ‘Higher.’ 

At that time, I could not grasp the distinction between my ‘Soul’ and God, so I used different words interchangeably to try to express to others what I sensed inwardly.  Many others who were having similar experiences did the same thing, and so we had different names for God:  Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Buddha, Christ and others.  The names were whatever our belief system dictated.  We used these words in conversations as a way of directing the attention of those who listened, towards the Kingdom of Souls.  Those of us who can relate to these God-given gifts are called Servants, and we know these gifts are given as a means of helping humanity and all living beings.