I’m looking into a big black void. This blackness extends forever in all directions. It’s overwhelming. I feel fear. It’s visceral in my body, constricting my chest. The Unknown. A black, black Unknown.

“Open into it,” a Voice says.

“No way,” I reply. “I’ll die if I go in there.”

“Open into it,” the Voice repeats.

The instruction is counter-intuitive, but my Inner Voice has been a guiding light for years. I’m scared but I’m willing to try.

As I open into the feeling, it’s more than fear. It’s terror.

“Feel it fully.”

I open wider and the terror has me, wracking my body. At the peak of the intensity, a curious thing happens – the feeling morphs and more spaciousness is here, and What? Light starts to appear.
How can that be? But it does and the Light increases. Where there was vast darkness before, now there is vast Light, boundless to all sides.

“Allow the Light,” my Inner Guide says.

Now there’s only Light and an all-pervasive loving peace. I’m floating in expansive space.

“Any emotion, fully felt, is the doorway to This.” the Voice says.

I make a mental note of the doorway bit for later and rest in this blessed remembrance of Who I Really Am. This Truth. Source.

From this regained Higher perspective, I feel I can move forward with action born of love, as one less spot of suffering on beloved Mother Earth.

I know I will need to revisit this place of blessed knowing again and again.

I rise from my seat of Inner Work and go about my day, reconnected with the Truth of my being as Light.