When Earth and Heaven Become as One

A great teacher once told us to seek
and then we shall find.

When the seeker’s path called us
we travelled the world for guidance,
we read the wise books of knowledge,
we watched the earth and its labours,
we were pilgrims on the narrow path,
we were searching for purity and truth.

Listen, the time is here now, my friends,
this is the moment in our heart of light
to become the healing for our world,
to shine out the clear wisdom within,
for with highest help we birth a new earth.

Now we must show how the light gets in.

As if from a high mountain peak, now
as a spark of divinity, we must, each one,
look out in vision to a holy event coming
when earth and heaven become as one.

On a bridge born of caring for humanity,
we greet this limitless love and this truth.