There are not weapons nor evil enough
to destroy the growing army of
lightworkers in the world.
We cannot be defeated by dark forces,
for in us there are no names, no faces.
We have no government to corrupt or destroy,
no one face that represents us.
There is no known target, for
we are everywhere.
We are unseen faces in a crowd,
quietly going about the business
of living our lives and fulfilling
our mission to shine light
into the corners and crevices of darkness
to expose corruption and injustice.

You cannot destroy us because you cannot find us.
How can you annihilate what you cannot see?
We are your nemesis.
We are invisible. We are invincible. We are inspired.
We are here, we are everywhere, we are strong.
We need no organization because
we are guided by the light and love
of Wise Ones who have gone before us.
You may destroy our form,
but not our spirit, for we shall live on.
When one leaves more will come.
Another and another.

We are fierce warriors of light,
here for the purpose of destroying the dark.
We will die that others might live.
We see you, we know you.
You can hide no longer,
for our light will expose your evil misdeeds
and you will flee for your lives.

We are nameless and we are faceless;
we are young and we are old.
We hide in plain sight, everywhere present.
You cannot see us but we see you.

The earth is our home and we its custodians.
We will protect it and keep it safe in the name of love.
We are an army of lightworkers.
We cannot be defeated for we have already won.

If you are among the fortunate,
our light will transform you
and you will become one with us.

Written in the name of love by a faceless, nameless lightworker