beautiful pink flower on mountain and mist on top mountain.

Standing in the Light
gazing inward and upward
the path is steep.

Gathering courage
a gentle wind drifts by
a light forward push.

A pilgrim in the mist
worn scattered footprints
quietly surrendering.

Leaving behind familiar ground
weeping in the stillness
a subtle shift occurs.

A changing landscape emerges
illusion dissolving
the light grows more luminous.

Outlines of a summit
shimmering and iridescent
behind a silent veil

A gentle note whispers
no more useless forms
new possibilities surface.

The ground beneath shifts
releasing Ages of weight
the fire burns.

Allowing heals the burning ground
dissolving fear and doubt
the living Earth nourishes and restores.

A vanishing dweller stands
nameless and formless
the light grows more luminous.