Singing in the earth

     I heard singing in the earth this morning

     and a song among the fluttering leaves,

     the scarlet sky was full of music.

     I thought I was born into a new world

      as I stepped out on a trail to the sea.


      the sea was alight with a fire of gold,

      the waves chanting song towards the land

       singing a message of dear pristine love,

       birds dipped and soared in musical notes.

       I was seeking a new world today. 


        I turned back home to my customary life

         but the roses trembled in the sunlight

         while gulls dipped and a melody soared.

         what is this sense of an unknown world?

         I asked the lark, I asked the rushing wind.


          a new world comes sang the prescient bird,

          a new earth arises the soulful wind sang.

           in the green grass an advent I heard then 

           a song of renewal, a music of destiny.

           it was earth’s own pure voice, 

           the bright music of birth.