Reveries of the Soul

In the Mirror of My Heart

I see your precious image
in the mirror of my heart.
Like a light beam
it reflects you in the living space of the mind
coloured by you
and manifests itself with a smile.

Light and Shadows

Lights and shadows
create subtle vibrations in me.
Flowers are born
in the garden of my thought.
And my heart
lives spellbound in the spring of love.

The Circle

Why are everyone’s eyes glowing?
It is the light of the soul passing through them
to merge with the light of other eyes and that of the world.
We are searching for, illumining and externalizing the brightest part in us.

We are like musicians, searching for the subtlest notes of one’s own instrument,
to tune it with the resonant notes of the other instruments
that belong to members of the orchestra wanted by the heavens.
The symphony emitted by the fusion of these sounds is undeniably real.
For us, it is the true Master on earth.