Ode to Silence

Steadily does our bush track descend

Into filtered light most mellow

It draws us along and beyond each bend

With its softening, radiant yellow.


Down deeper and deeper slowly we go

Through leafy cathedrals vast

Till reaching a point of stillness below

In silence now, at last.


Closely that silence embraces us

With a cloak of soothing healing

Dissolving all the worry and fuss

That our daily lives keep dealing.


With jangled nerves untangling now

My listening heart does waken

I hear it make a solemn vow

Oh silence, be not forsaken!


This vow is as a fiery seed

Which grows in force and radiance

Responding to our daily need

For amelioration through silence.


The heart thus charged with inner strength

Flows forth its benefaction

In this transformational wavelength

We discover Silence as Action.