In a Future Day...

In a future day,
Will quantum physics help us throw off
Our habitual limited dense matter thinking?
Those perpetually-moving quantum particles
Constantly criss-crossing into connectivity
Reveal the web of all things inter-connected
So that at last, the weight of separate-ness
Can lift off our hearts and free our mind,
Reminding us that we are everywhere-present.

In a future day,
Will we close our eyes to look beyond through
Into the subtle energy lattice of nature?
This osmosis of living consciousness
Flows through its veins and ours
Moving with the rhythmic planetary breath,
Each respiration an exchange of loving awareness,
Harmonising, unifying, abundant,
Enlivening all, eternally and freely.

In a future day,
Will we catch a twirling breeze and
Spiral upwards through canopy and cloud
Dispersing into the ALL, full of sunlight?
It warms all beings in all places
Equally and with unconditional love.
As we pause in that expansive contemplation
Will we discover an inner life
With a far wider horizon than the outer one?

In a future day,
Will we hear the universal OM
Which vibrates through all matter,
Be it crystalline rock, fine soft rain,
Or the invisible particles of energy
That draw a rainbow across the sky?
Shall we walk a lighted bridge to an inner cosmos,
From intellect to intuition, material to metaphysical-
Will we be home, at last?