Fear Not


What chance Optimism? in a world

Such as the one in which we live,

With narcissistic leaders and their sycophants

Who take-take-take and barely give.


Fakery, dishonesty, cruelty and separatism,

So efficient in their unrelenting quest

For fame, fantasy and phantom friends,

Such an overblown confection, an indulgent arabesque.


They take us all for fools, it seems,

With their anaesthetic smog,

But still, not all of us have been suppressed,

For shards of hope still pierce the fearful fog.


Like a lighthouse seen across a melancholy sea

The Optimists have shown a different way,

Where compassion, wisdom, hope abide

Where innate human goodness wins the day.


Fear not, and sow the seeds of Optimism

For it helps to make us whole

Never foolish, dimmed or misguided

On the journey to our Soul.