Dear Human Family

Dear human family,
Isn’t it time we had new revelation?
Isn’t it time we understood why we are here?
Why were you born, what shall you do here?
Where will you go after your death?
What is the meaning of this sojourn on earth?

What if this earth was a school
That you signed up for in order to learn?
What if you came into a human body
You learnt to care for but it was not you?
What if what you came to learn
Was about how to love one another here?
What if God is not really far away
But right here in our capacity to love?

What if we could look in another’s eyes
And see God present there, to know
That it is here that we can create
A paradise, a beautiful garden on earth
Out of our love for all created things,
From out of our warm human hearts?