Arboretum - Shimmering World

Following dappled paths takes me off

Into an in-between place,

Neither all-sun nor all-shade.

Lively patterned spots of both

Dance through the air

Infusing the space of this leafy abode.

Fronds arc through canopied rooms

Propped up by column-like trunks

With roots under speckled leaf-carpet.

Following a myriad of dynamic lines

Traces the warp and weft of nature.

This living breathing sanctuary

Calms and softens the Heart—

An invitation to the Shimmering World

Where solid body is lines of energy

Absorbed into the natural etheric.

With each breathing, in-and-out,

I glide through the lattice,

Lighter, softer, flowing, unbound,

Drawn along the lines of the Heart.