Not long ago I made an unusual and unique encounter.
It was sunset time;
we both walked on the same street in the same direction.
The same cadence of the step found us side by side
I on the one hand He on the other
perfectly aligned.
I dared to turn my gaze slightly to see who it was.
To say now that he had a figure unquestionably out of the ordinary,
elegant and powerful at the same time, pervaded by an aura of beauty and harmony,
it is not enough to clarify what he really was.
From that figure, clearly “nonconformist”, vigorous and refined, originated a light.
A halo of light enveloped and radiated all around, more intense than the colors of the sunset.
It was like a burning torch, a bundle of golden rays.
Now I don’t mean to say how it was possible, because even I, perhaps, will never know how to
give myself an exhaustive explanation about it, but that light, or rather a ray of that light,
touched me!
An idea of what happened can be had thinking of the hottest hours of the sun,
when the intensity of its heat makes the skin burn.
That Ray, however, did not burn my skin, but penetrated it with the same power of the sun,
so profoundly as to cause inner combustion.
My whole being, then, lit up.
It was like this, like when connecting an electrical device to the current.
No words, no presentations, no farewells, there was only “a sudden moment”
“an unusual encounter”
“A spark and a dry straw”.
And nothing was the same as before.
I was walking along that evening at sunset …
Someone older than me stood by my side …
And everything changed.
You can have “unusual encounters” around the corner of every house, at any time.
Having the audacity to turn a “look” for a moment is necessary to “see”.
This is “TIME OF MEETINGS” for everyone.