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Birth of Aquarius

Image - Birth of Aquarius

A softly whispered stillness fell about,

In which a Pregnant Glory seemed to shout!



The dying moments of a Passing Age,

With all its share of growth and pain and rage,



Gave way with shuddered sigh and gnarled hand

To Infant Life, now learning how to stand.



And luminous eyes of shining Crystal Light

Gazed forth in wonder at the passing night.



New Life reached forth embracing that grown old,

Then Light blazed forth –


                                   And Silver merged with Gold!

Prayer Fortress

And you, self, proud warrior for some perhaps illusory Freedom,

As your last fortress falls to the great midnight gun,

Lay down your arms,

Though still unbowed, your rebel head is bloodied,

You cannot live on the run,

Legendary warrior for some illusory Freedom,

Leave your torn banner furled,

your battle dress undone.


Kneel on this rocky shore beside still waters,

Out of the womb of night will rise the Sun,

Here at last bow at the bar of the Great Mystery,

As Fire strikes Water at the break of Day,


The incandescent glory of the One!

Shimmering Hope

Morning news delivers its daily ration

Of the lowest of human lows,

And the miasma of modern melancholy

Nestles down in a familiar chilly flow.


Flicking stations, out bursts the children’s’ choir

Bright voices rising, harmony aglow,

Like an impossible crop of crocus

That pierce the blanket of snow.


A choral field of life undaunted

Emerges from the warmth below,

For hope springs eternal

In these youthful hearts on show.


Nurtured by a joyful vision beyond

The darkly dismal world we know,

It reaches for the highest of human highs

That the seeds of love can grow.


Within this energetic human field

Invisible forces bestow

A shimmering space of hope and light,

A brilliant warming flow.


Enter the Quiet Heart

(Come to Prayer)


Turn your back for a time on the chatter and the chaos,


            The rumble of approaching guns


Come to prayer.



            Tread softly


                        ~It is the still pool


            That reflects the clear light,



Its shadow is the shade of contemplation


            Lacing the downpouring sun~


Shade of


                                    Canopied palms


                                                           Trailing ferns, and


                                    Dipping swallows’ wings.



Hear the voice of your heart,


                                    Come then, to prayer.


Fear Not


What chance Optimism? in a world

Such as the one in which we live,

With narcissistic leaders and their sycophants

Who take-take-take and barely give.


Fakery, dishonesty, cruelty and separatism,

So efficient in their unrelenting quest

For fame, fantasy and phantom friends,

Such an overblown confection, an indulgent arabesque.


They take us all for fools, it seems,

With their anaesthetic smog,

But still, not all of us have been suppressed,

For shards of hope still pierce the fearful fog.


Like a lighthouse seen across a melancholy sea

The Optimists have shown a different way,

Where compassion, wisdom, hope abide

Where innate human goodness wins the day.


Fear not, and sow the seeds of Optimism

For it helps to make us whole

Never foolish, dimmed or misguided

On the journey to our Soul.


Singing in the earth

     I heard singing in the earth this morning

     and a song among the fluttering leaves,

     the scarlet sky was full of music.

     I thought I was born into a new world

      as I stepped out on a trail to the sea.


      the sea was alight with a fire of gold,

      the waves chanting song towards the land

       singing a message of dear pristine love,

       birds dipped and soared in musical notes.

       I was seeking a new world today.


        I turned back home to my customary life

         but the roses trembled in the sunlight

         while gulls dipped and a melody soared.

         what is this sense of an unknown world?

         I asked the lark, I asked the rushing wind.


          a new world comes sang the prescient bird,

          a new earth arises the soulful wind sang.

           in the green grass an advent I heard then 

           a song of renewal, a music of destiny.

           it was earth’s own pure voice, 

           the bright music of birth.

Who is it whispering to me?

Who is it whispering to me?

    Who is it opening my heart?

    Like a rose of light within shadows.

    It is the voice of the world mother.


     Who are we, the earth pilgrims? 

      I ask in the softness of silence.

      You are the divine spirit.

       Making footprints on the earth.


         Is there a task we must unfold?

         I ask in the rose-light stillness.

         The task is truth, I hear, to walk

          Together as one, becoming truth.

The Lotus Bridge

The perfume of the lotus
          Opening in your heart
Creates the bridge of Light
          That lets you cross
Into the joy and love of the true Life.

          Not just at death
But Here, and Now,
          Depart into the One Love.
          And return
To take your sister’s and your brother’s hand
          And then
Lead the way.


There is a bridge

            between the worlds,

A precious path

            From the pain and the despair

To the upper air, 

                        and its joy and love.

            Here we will build

The new Jerusalem.

All the saints and the Enlightened Ones are here,

            Waiting for humanity to turn

At last,

            And find our way 


I Have Seen the Truth

On the wings of air, I have heard the sound of change,
On the light breeze, I have smelt the scent of the rose,
In the setting sky, I have seen with my own eyes
      great scenes of beauty that transform,
And in the hearts of love, I have seen the truth.

Inner Hierarchy

Nurturing stillness
The power of silence blooms
Bringing its gentle half-light,
A charged gossamer veil
Cast up over drifting down through.

Form transmutes to immateriality
In that softly dark, and I close my eyes
To See the subtle corridors open,
It’s easy to slip through
On a Heart-song.

Meet the yearning Soul-
Recognition identification expansion release
Into the One and the All,
Following the gathering dawn
Of the ashramic field.

A hierarchy of Light magnetic
Welcomes the higher Self
Into the beauty of loving goodness
And the truth of living wisdom.
Taking your place begins the rhythmic Breath.


Look up,
And feel the tender warmth
Of a new world forming.

Look down,
And see nourishing lines of energy
Active, embracing the Earth.

Look left,
And sense the beckoning pressure
Of winds from a changing ether.

Look right,
And hear the rubble softly fall
As past ills collapse away.

Look inwards,
And know a place of wholeness
Wherein all directions coalesce.

Look through,
And with your inner eye
Know Soul and be uplifted.

Look beyond,
And travel on a spark of Love
Where Soul meets wise Soul.

Look to the Bridge of Light.

The Eye of the Cosmos

The eye of the rock sees how jewels form,

The eye of the flower sees how bees sip,

The eye of the bird sees the disc of the sun,

The eye of the sky sees human toil,

The eye of the cosmos sees sacred endeavour.

What if?

What if…
The fragrance of a Rose
The wellspring of Ideas
The radiance of the Heart
The flash of Inspiration
The throbbing sound of Silence
The foundations of Trust
The leap of Faith
The quality of Mercy
The flame of Moral Courage
The bliss of Infant’s Breath
What if these were evidence of the world
of the Soul, ever reaching out to us?

With Every Breath

With every breath I breathe you in,
With every sigh you touch my heart.
The whisper of the Cosmic Wind carries us into the Light
of a Thousand Suns.
We journey as one,
And there is only Love.

Listen to the Birds

Listen to the birds sing, for
Their song is a message about
How we too can fly into the sun,

And return, flaming with light,
To sing the earth song to the world,
To wake up the sleeping ones
Who stay too close to the earth.

“Awaken!” They sing, “The dawning is here.
The morning of your life is so fresh
You feel this has never been before,
This pristine, crystal day
Of a light so brilliant
It shines right into your heart.”

Listen, listen, the birds sing to you.


Let us distill
In the Eternal Heart.

It is never
Too late.
There, of fallen petals
The Master may create
Attar of roses.

Dear Human Family

Dear human family,
Isn’t it time we had new revelation?
Isn’t it time we understood why we are here?
Why were you born, what shall you do here?
Where will you go after your death?
What is the meaning of this sojourn on earth?

What if this earth was a school
That you signed up for in order to learn?
What if you came into a human body
You learnt to care for but it was not you?
What if what you came to learn
Was about how to love one another here?
What if God is not really far away
But right here in our capacity to love?

What if we could look in another’s eyes
And see God present there, to know
That it is here that we can create
A paradise, a beautiful garden on earth
Out of our love for all created things,
From out of our warm human hearts?

Hear the Sound

As sure as the wind blows and the trees sway,
The lord of light is on his way.
Hear his coming steps,his subtle breath,
The dissolving of decay and death.

His presence alone will light the way,
Like the Sun shining on a summer’s day.
Hear the sound of the age of the Soul,
Whose love and beauty is there for all.


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