Welcome to New Waves of Light

I Have Seen the Truth

On the wings of air,
I have heard the sound of change,
On the light breeze,
I have smelt the scent of the rose,

Birth of Aquarius

A softly whispered stillness fell about,
In which a Pregnant Glory seemed to shout!

The dying moments of a Passing Age,
With all its share of growth and pain and rage,

Gave way with shuddered sigh and gnarled hand
To Infant Life, now learning how to stand.

Fear Not

What chance Optimism? in a world
Such as the one in which we live,
With narcissistic leaders and their sycophants
Who take-take-take and barely give.

mysterious fog on hillside in rural area

When Earth and Heaven
Become as One

A great teacher once told us to seek
    and then we shall find.

When the seeker’s path called us
we travelled the world for guidance,
we read the wise books of knowledge,
we watched the earth and its labours,
we were pilgrims on the narrow path…

Prayer Fortress

And you, self, proud warrior for some perhaps illusory Freedom,
As your last fortress falls to the great midnight gun,
Lay down your arms,
Though still unbowed, your rebel head is bloodied,

You cannot live on the run,

Sunrise over hillside a pine forest with long sun rays pass through valley with pines yellow sunny mornings this place more lively, warm and tranquil welcome to beautiful new day

In a Future Day...

In a future day,
Will quantum physics help us throw off
Our habitual limited dense matter thinking?
Those perpetually-moving quantum particles
Constantly criss-crossing into connectivity
Reveal the web of all things inter-connected
So that at last, the weight of separate-ness
Can lift off our hearts and free our mind,
Reminding us that we are everywhere-present.

Blooming poppies natural background grass flower rural

Easter Meditation

It’s Good Friday,
almost midnight

The women have left the hanging hill
Broken, with his body,

A lifetime, more than a death
away from healing tears

(A long, terrible death,
but it’s over now)

Lighthouse on the sea under sky.

We are the Star

The night is dark, all is obscure
the seas are turbulent, stars are dim.
I get in my frail boat, I pull up anchor
I set forth with hope…

Landscape photo of beautiful sunrise on the mountain

Beyond Language

Beyond language there is a place

where mysteries dwell that need to be revealed,
mysteries held in the heart of truth by
shepherds of the way, the Teachers.

Beyond the dark plains of mind and
the windy nights of inner storms, we see…


Not long ago I made an unusual and unique encounter.
It was sunset time;
we both walked on the same street in the same direction.
The same cadence of the step found us side by side

I on the one hand He on the other
perfectly aligned.

Shimmering Hope

Morning news delivers its daily ration
Of the lowest of human lows,
And the miasma of modern melancholy
Nestles down in a familiar chilly flow.

Enter the Quiet Heart - (Come to Prayer)

Turn your back for a time on the chatter and the chaos,
            The rumble of approaching guns

Come to prayer.

Singing in the Earth​

I heard singing in the earth this morning
and a song among the fluttering leaves,
the scarlet sky was full of music.
I thought I was born into a new world

Who is it whispering to me?

Who is it whispering to me?
        Who is it opening my heart?
        Like a rose of light within shadows.
        It is the voice of the world mother.

The Lotus Bridge

The perfume of the lotus
           Opening in your heart
Creates the bridge of Light
           That lets you cross
Into the joy and love of the true Life.


There is a bridge
               between the worlds,
A precious path
               From the pain and the despair

Inner Hierarchy

Nurturing stillness
The power of silence blooms
Bringing its gentle half-light,
A charged gossamer veil
Cast up over drifting down through.


Look up,
And feel the tender warmth
Of a new world forming.

The Eye of the Cosmos

The eye of the rock sees how jewels form,
The eye of the flower sees how bees sip,

What if?​

What if…
The fragrance of a Rose
The wellspring of Ideas
The radiance of the Heart

With Every Breath

With every breath I breathe you in,
With every sigh you touch my heart.
The whisper of the Cosmic Wind

Listen to the Birds​

Listen to the birds sing, for
Their song is a message about
How we too can fly into the sun,


Let us distill
In the Eternal Heart.

Dear Human Family​​

Dear human family,
Isn’t it time we had new revelation?
Isn’t it time we understood why we are here?
Why were you born, what shall you do here?

Hear the Sound​

As sure as the wind blows and the trees sway,
The lord of light is on his way.
Hear his coming steps,his subtle breath,
The dissolving of decay and death.

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