My Soul’s Journey

There’s a storm in my head
The rumblings of energies
– Unfathomable Forces – evoked.
But how do I reign?

The Man said, “FORGET ALL.

White sleighs powered by laughter
Skim the silver cloudway.
Dim imperceptions of Soundlessness
The spectrum gyrates
Life flows…

From Soul:
I am One with all
Dancing in a self-begetting pattern
I partnership with Death.
Dying into Separation,
Apart from Wholeness
Dutifully grinding in the crucible of daily living.
I yearn, I anguish for Reality,
To return to the Dance.

I did not choose this existence.
Death overcame me and said, “It is time.
You must enter…be a part
Of the twittering cacophony of mutilated,
Mindless cells searching for God-knows-what,
Lost in the darkness of Forgetting,
Bound by imagination – or lack thereof –
To mindless repetition of endless cycles
Of wrong-useness.”

The key word I heard
Was ‘Be apart.”
So now at this late date I realize my misunderstanding.

I seek not to destroy by violence,
But to change by enhancement,
To be not apart,
But a part of the Whole

There is a barrier to feeling
       the pain in the world.
That barrier also prevents
Love from flowing through.
The barrier must be dissolved and purified,
The wound it leaves healed and purified,
So that Love remains.

Together by choice
We form a chalice
Into which Love flows.
It pours through
       our open hearts
       our willing spirits
       our helping hands.