This website is a work-in-progress.  We see it as a living organism that will grow continuously as new memes are added and as changes are needed.

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly site that makes it simple to download and share these spiritual memes.  If you have suggestions for improvement or need assistance, please let us know by using the Contact Form.

Helpful Hints

  • To download an image from an individual Meme page accessible from the Gallery page
    1. click on the image and you will see a larger version,
    2. right-click on the larger image.
      • you can choose “Save Image As…” to save the image to your computer.
      • you can also choose “Email Image…” to send the image via email.
  • For social media users, you will find familiar icons for ease of sharing beneath each meme. (More details below.)
  • You can download images from both the slide show and from the Gallery page.  The collection on the gallery page will be added to continually, while the memes in the slide show will remain the same for the time being. 
  • Poems, Essays and videos can also be downloaded and shared.
  • You will find a flag on the upper left of the screen where you can choose the language you wish.
  • The text of each meme appears beneath the image to make it possible to translate the messages for non-English speakers. These translations are provided by Google Translate, we apologise in advance for any poor translations.

Social Media Sharing

Under each individual meme you will find these buttons.

Social share buttons
  • The Blue Facebook icon will allow you to share the Meme on your Facebook timeline.
  • The Light Blue Twitter icon will allow you to Tweet the Meme.
  • The Red Pinterest icon will share the Meme on your Pinterest Boards.
  • The Dark Blue “View a gallery of images” will take you back to the larger collection of Memes.

Searching for Memes

Category and Tags image
  • The Smaller Dark Blue buttons are for Category searches. E.g. Awakening
  • The Smaller Pink/Purple buttons are for TAG searches. E.g.

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