I’m going to tell you a secret and you don’t have to keep it hidden. It is a secret kept from humanity across the ages. I know you’d like to know because you are curious, but my problem is, how do I tell it? Should I whisper or shout? What kind of words shall I choose to make it real to you?

You see, all this time there has been an invisible world as true as this one, but humanity has not been able to perceive it or know it, except rarely through great saints and teachers. Most of us search for God and don’t know how to answer the great questions of life: Is there a plan for evolution? Is humanity’s sojourn on this planet mapped out somewhere? Where are we going as a species? If we don’t self-destruct, is there a purpose that we have capacity to fulfill?

Are there true and beautiful goals for us to reach? Is there a path to perfection? And, you say, will someone please tell me how? Now, we open our inner being. In silence. We listen for revelation.