When new life is being born – who among us can stop it?
We look at the body as being the representation of that life.
But Life is an invisible, powerful force – the Soul is Life.
The Soul cannot be suppressed.
The Force that is Life cannot be stopped. 

We build and we build, higher and higher, without regard
to the laws that govern architecture or the laws of physics.
We build and build upon a foundation of greed, and power, and injustice,
the few standing on the backs of the many. A structure built in this way is doomed to fail, doomed to fall.
We are witnessing the Light that will establish a new type of building
utilizing the laws of Unity, Equality, and Goodwill for all. 

As we observe the deterioration of moral integrity in our governments and those in leadership positions; as we observe human suffering due to wars and never before seen weather events; as we observe thousands of animal and insect species disappear; as we observe the pollution and destruction of our oceans, rivers and lakes, and the decline in our air quality – Worldwide!!! What will you choose to replace it? Will you stand in the Light of the Soul to create a New World? 

Through ‘free will’ humanity is learning to align with “Divine Will.” When we choose to align with “The Soul” can we then know the “Divine Will?” Can we then experience the “Manifestation of Divine Love?” 

ESCHATOLOGY is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. While this cycle of history ends, a new one begins. BUDDHISTS refer to a “New Era” where Buddha ‘Maitreya’ will appear. CHRISTIANS refer to the “New Heaven and New Earth” and the second coming of ‘Jesus.’ MUSLIMS refer to ‘Signs of the Day of Judgement’ when the ‘Mahdi’ will appear. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY states that populations and species change over time – they Evolve. Evolution = to develop gradually from a simple to a more complex form. Awaken Humanity – we are in the midst of Evolution, we are Ascending. 

In the Outer World, there are those who have followed a path of study and have acquired ‘higher knowledge,’ and we trust them and seek their guidance. We call them ‘Masters of the Science of Medicine,’ or Engineering or Philosophy. In the INNER WORLDS there are those who have traveled The Path of Spiritual Consciousness, and have acquired Higher Spiritual Knowledge. They are called “MASTERS OF WISDOM” and our “SPIRITUAL ELDERS.” 

There is the ‘Outer World’—of form, of objects and appearances—the world with which most people are familiar. In contrast, from the perspective of Eastern philosophy, there are events, circumstances, happenings and physical phenomena of every kind that are merely symbols of what is occurring in the ‘INNER WORLDS.’ As we now observe the deterioration of this ‘Outer World’, we can call out to Those Who are living in the ‘Inner World,’ waiting for us to seek Their help in order to discover that world. 

There are many ‘worlds’ that exist simultaneously with our own: the microbial world, the mineral world, the world of plants, the insect world, the animal world, and then there is our world—the human world. Do you think that there are no other Higher Worlds? 

In the outer world, in every life experience there comes the time for ‘change.’ Many of us can observe the signs that ‘Change’ is looming on the horizon. ‘Change’ can have monumental effects. When a person ‘consciously’ makes the decision to ‘Change,’ the needed help comes through the goodwill of others or right circumstances. In the INNER WORLD, this Truth is experienced to a degree currently unimaginable to us. Help to Change comes from a Higher World, the World of the Soul. 

In the ‘Outer World,’ ENERGY is defined as power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources. POWER is defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Now, we clearly see how this has manifested in the Outer World. In the ‘INNER WORLD,’ power comes from correspondence with a Higher Perspective, that of the Soul. 

There is a word that is defined in terms of ‘Time’—something non-concrete that is determined by a continued progression of existence and events from the past, to the present and future, regarded as a whole. The word is “ERA.” The same word is used to define a very concrete sphere like Geology, the science that deals with the earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it. “ERA” is defined as a long and distinct period of history. We are now entering into a New Era. 

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