When light dawns on the new era, the world will become bathed in shimmering beauty that will pry open hearts and shatter walls of separation.

The world as we know it is coming to an end and a new world is dawning on the horizon. Gone will be crime and lawlessness, as well as the death and destruction that we are currently bombards us from the air waves.  In its place will be a world of shimmering beauty, one in which the hearts and minds of humanity are joined in oneness, to creating a heaven on Earth. This new world is dawning now and we have to decide if we wish to be part of it.

Does this seem impossible to you?  What, do you think it would take to create such a world? Do you think it will just happen without any effort on our part; that some great wizard will come and wave a magic wand, and hey-presto, everything will be changed? 

The question is, will our world change if we remain the same

– if we still entertain the negative emotions of hate, unforgiveness, greed, jealousy, and all the little and not so little fears and worries that make our lives a misery?  No!  The world will change only when we change, when we, individually and collectively learn to live in love and harmony with each other and our environment – when we come to realise that we are deeply interconnected as one, and that to hurt another or our environment, is to hurt ourselves.

Each and every one of us can, and must, contribute to creating this new world.  It starts with us, with each individual.  We are creators.  Everything we think, say and do creates the environment in which we live. So, it is now time to decide what we want to create.  Do we wish to continue living in a world of grief and turmoil, or do we wish to live in a world of peace and harmony?

To make changes in our lives it takes effort.  It is not easy.  Every step of the way life offers challenges and hurdles to overcome. We can’t do it overnight.  It takes small steps.  In the beginning we need to watch our thoughts and be willing to change those that are destructive – to give up the urge to judge and criticize, and instead to look on others with love and forgiveness.  Everything we think, say and do affects us first.  There is a saying:

‘Acid does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than the thing on which it is poured.’ 

Acid thoughts poison bodies and minds until eventually they become ill.  It is therefore in our own best interests to keep our thoughts loving and positive.

The good news is, we are not alone.  There is an abundance self-help books in our stores and guidance is available on the internet on every imaginable subject. On the spiritual planes we have great Masters of Wisdom and love, and guides and angels who love us unconditionally and wait only for our desire to make changes in our lives in order to help us. With great joy, they will be there to assist once we are willing to make an effort towards that change. They can’t do it for us, but will offer guidance if we are open to receive it.

When we open our hearts and minds to new and greater possibilities and give up our fear of the unknown and unseen and become expressions of love, wonders beyond our imagination will become our reality. Gone will be a world based on fear and destruction. The question is: will you desperately cling to a world that is collapsing like a crumbling cliff face into the sea, or will you let go and allow the cleansing currents of change to carry you forward to a world of untold opportunity and joy?