If a cow could speak, it would tell us that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And what cow wouldn’t escape the confines of the paddock to experience complete freedom if given the opportunity, though it is living an idyllic life in ignorance of what it might have to face on the other side.

We humans are very similar.  We do not just sit around being comfortable wherever we are.  No.  We want to explore the unknown—visit other countries and cultures, experience different scenes and foods, scale mountains, conquer the oceans and enjoy all the blessings that our mother Earth has to offer.  There are those among us, of course, who are more adventurous than others and actively seek out far greater challenges.  If we can’t pursue any of these, we may try to whip our bodies into shape by making them stronger or more beautiful—all in the misguided belief that the outcome of these experiences will make us happy.  Having left the Garden of Eden a long time ago, we know that life doesn’t always deal out idyllic experiences, but still most of us crave a variety of experience that we hope will free us from the mundanities of everyday life, which we see as ‘not good enough.’

There are also those who experience challenging life situations that seem too hard to bear, and from which they long to escape.  They begin their search for freedom by leaving long-term partnerships, or relocating to another country or environment.  The trouble is, no matter what we do or where we go, we always take our inner selves with us.  Whatever we don’t face and deal with in our lives follows us wherever we go.  We find ourselves facing similar and perhaps more intense situations, until we are willing to look within to discover what it is within ourselves that attracts these situations and so begin to learn the lessons they offer.

The problem is, we believe ourselves to be victims of circumstances that we have not created or do not deserve, when, in fact, they are lessons that we have chosen to learn before coming into this life.  They are the result of our own past actions and personality predilections—both those that are seemingly good and those seemingly bad.  It is like throwing a boomerang, turning our back on it, forgetting we sent it, and then being surprised when it returns to hit us on the head.  We then either bemoan our fate or revel in the unexpected blessings received.  It is wise to remember that every thought, word and deed is recorded in the Soul and returns to us in like kind, either as a lesson to learn or a gift to receive.

There are many spiritual books that tell us that we are the creators of our own lives and that we are responsible for everything we attract to ourselves.  To become free from recurring experiences, we need only take responsibility for whatever happens, make the necessary corrections where needed, forgive ourselves and others for the painful experiences and give thanks for lessons learned.  These are the keys that unlock the door that leads to wisdom, freedom, peace and joy.

In the book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, Dolores Cannon offers an interesting theory of the cause of our experiences on earth.  The author writes: “Remember that when you were on the spirit side you made a plan of what you hoped to accomplish in this life.  You made contracts with various souls to play various parts in your scenario on Earth.  Some of your greatest enemies… during your life were your greatest friends on the spirit side.  They volunteered to come and play the villain in your Earthly scenario.  And some of them play their parts very well.”  The idea of a pre-destined cause is most interesting and may warrant our careful consideration.

To gain wisdom we have to undergo all forms of experience, both the good and the bad.  We have all done some pretty horrible things at some point in our existence, and so it is probably unwise to judge others, for, if we haven’t already done a similar thing ourselves, we may at some future time.  If we are the recipient of an unpleasant experience, we can be sure that we are being shown what needs to be corrected and forgiven, both within ourselves and in those who are committing the offence.

In the film, “Forrest Gump”, Forrest says: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’  When we are given a box of chocolates, we have the opportunity to sample all the flavours.  Some of them we just love, others we don’t wish to taste, and there are others from which we may take a bite and, finding them unsavoury, we spit them out.  It’s all a matter of our taste and what we need to experience in our lives.  Even the unpleasant experiences have their uses, for they present us with choices that help us to clarify what we do and do not need to experience any more. 

Sometimes in a life journey we may also play the part of the offender for a time.  Not enjoying the outcome, we never try it again, preferring to focus only on developing ourselves through more positive experiences.  Others, however, may develop a taste for darkness and the criminal way of life, engaging in this lifestyle until they are experts in degradation and the dark arts.  But even so, they may provide learning opportunities for those with deeply engrained weaknesses to develop their spiritual muscles.  Without serious life challenges, we would not progress.  Whatever we may have done in the past, Life and Consciousness will continue to play through us, affording us myriad experiences, until we come to know Life Itself as divinity—immanent and transcendent.

At this crucial time, when the ‘game’ of one era is almost over, humanity is being offered the choice to follow the way of the light or the way of darkness—a collective choice that will at some point precipitate the ‘parting of the ways’.  Those on the spiritual path who have been forgiving, loving, and serving others with an open heart are moving forward together to experience a life of greater joy and spiritual achievement; they are being given an opportunity to learn from more advanced souls:  the great Masters of Wisdom and Love.  Those who are not yet ready to move forward will continue to evolve at their own pace and among those with whom they are more comfortable.  All evolve at their own pace and in their own time.

Unlike the cows confined to a fenced-off paddock, human beings have, over millennia, escaped into the freedom of the outer world and experienced all of what life has to offer.  Now we are being given the opportunity to return to the ‘Garden of Eden’ from whence we originally came.  In this new era there will still be challenges, but of a different kind.  We will learn how to express unconditional love, and we will have the opportunity to experience the truth of our oneness with each other and our Creator.  Thus, we will grow in power and love, gaining abilities which are, at present, impossible for most people to even visualise.  So, let us take heart, never fearing what the future holds, for our feet are placed firmly on the road to a destination of our own choosing.