In teachings known as the Ageless Wisdom, we learn about the quality of consciousness in different realms of life and how it evolves. It is said that animal consciousness is rooted in instinct. Human consciousness is rooted in intellect. The consciousness of a Master of Love and Wisdom is rooted in a synthesis of higher intuition and spiritual will. Also, we learn that evolution is enhanced through the interaction of these realms. As we humans interact with animals, the latter begin to develop rudimentary intellect. As Masters interact with humans, we begin to develop higher intuition—that boundless state of awareness in which we are inspired by new realizations, ideas and solutions. 

Unlike humans, Masters of Wisdom have transcended the need to reincarnate. They have developed beyond the cycle of birth and death as we humans experience it. They live and continuously evolve on higher planes of existence, where they work together as a unity of conscious Lives for the betterment of all kingdoms of nature on planet Earth and beyond. 

For eons, They have overseen human evolution remotely, from the distance of higher planes. Now, as a new era approaches, They seek closer, more intimate contact with humanity in order to guide us through this transition time. By impressing sensitive and open minds, they seek to awaken human consciousness and help us develop new potentials in all fields of endeavor—healing, science, the arts, philosophy, psychology, economics, religion and governance. 

As the new era unfolds, these advanced Beings plan to walk among us openly. They plan to establish schools around the globe to provide advanced training in all disciplines. Their many objectives are part of an evolutionary plan sometimes called the ‘Plan of Love and Light.’ To implement this plan, They are seeking our cooperation at this time. By fulfilling the goals contained in the plan, we can eventually expect to see the healing of every kingdom in nature and the transformation of our world. 

At present, we humans can cooperate with these goals most effectively by learning to shift our consciousness from the outer persona and the plane of material living to the true Self, the Soul, which will figure prominently in the coming era of spiritual enlightenment. As we strive in this direction, and serve the Common Good, we can expect the assistance of Those in the inner worlds who are now approaching. 

A New World is possible—now more than ever. The Door is open. We are invited to walk through.