To realise that the end is nigh is to realise the imminence of a new beginning. 

Earth is about to enter a new cycle of evolution. What is this new cycle of evolution? What effect will a new beginning have on the earth and on our lives? If we mindlessly destroy the very things that support life on the planet as it now stands, how can we expect to be free of the effects that ensue? The planetary shift that is now occurring is a greater event than we may realise; it is a process of transformation from the old into a new level of existence. The dense physical realm with which we are familiar is steadily becoming redundant as the Earth shifts into a higher vibratory frequency, one that will encompass in the future all beings who can resonate with it. 

The natural balance of life on the planet is fragile, and we know that the different kingdoms on earth are dependent on each other for their survival. And yet, we treat this sensitive balance in nature with continual disregard through our insensitive actions. In the greed for greater riches we are destroying life on the planet. Species from the animal and vegetable kingdoms are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate. The forests on which they rely for food and livelihood are being destroyed; many of our oceans are now too polluted and the air we breathe is so impure in some cities that people have to wear masks now to maintain health, as natural surroundings are destroyed by acid rain. 

We are approaching a point of no return for our physical world. The voices of our children are raised in opposition to the foreseen disasters they will have to face, realising that time is running out, and there is not much left before it becomes too late. The ship’s hull is developing holes which, if not fixed, will cause the ship to sink. Scientists are warning of the effects of our actions on the environment. Discoveries in all areas of scientific pursuit are often quashed because they threaten the loss of money to those who have benefitted greatly, and who wish to continue benefitting from their ill-gotten gains, regardless of the irreparable damage caused to the planet. 

We are standing on a precipice as the earth is ravaged by the ignorance of those who care not for her health and beauty. We are realising that Mother Earth is also negatively affected by the onslaught of our conflicting thoughts, words and deeds that we let loose on her every day. We might think that pollution is only caused by what we do, or neglect to do, to the environment, but our thoughts are also polluters of the airways—the finer ethers. Our collective thoughts are equally responsible for the natural disasters we are presently experiencing. Have you ever walked into a room and sensed the tension or the presence of a negative atmosphere that made you feel uncomfortable? Have you noticed different feelings in places you visit? Have you observed how the thoughts and words of others affect you? 

Thoughts are also things. They affect the environment more than most people realise. They are very powerful tools with which we are gifted as human beings, and when used as a collective force, they build and create situations that can lead to natural disasters—or to positive outcomes. The choice is always ours. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are responsible for much that we are experiencing in our daily living. For our lives to change we must first realise that we have the power to create—for good or ill. We are powerful beings and have the ability to decide what is beneficial for the good of all and what is not. We can think and act in ways that will heal our world and so create a global environment in which we can all thrive, or we can do the opposite. It begins with each individual playing his part for the good. 

We are realising now that we cannot rely on our leaders to bring about positive change by themselves, even if they wanted to. As individuals, we have a responsibility to cooperate with those who perceive the need to work for change, and to do what we can to help change the course of our lives and the world in which we live. No longer can we sit back and carry on as usual, hoping that change will happen by itself while we continue wasting or destroying our resources and polluting the atmosphere with our negative thoughts and actions. We can’t expect to create lives of happiness and joy in the world while expressing hate and torturing our neighbours and our supposed loved ones with cruel words and deeds. Society cannot maintain its natural balance when the female population is not given equal importance to the male, to give one powerful example. 

It is now time to decide what we want our new beginning to be. What efforts are we able and willing to make to ensure the outcome will be positive? It has to start with us, with each individual. The changes that are needed may threaten our comfort zones and habitual way of life, but sometimes drastic changes are necessary to bring about an equilibrium in our societies, in our different environments, and in the world at large. 

While the old world is entrapped in ‘rebellion’ and chaos, we can bring the light of truth to bear by thinking and speaking about the soul of humanity casting off its karmic past and paving the way for a new world. While we look in horror at the waves of destruction brought about by natural disasters, we can turn to the truth that the soul of mankind can only flourish when liberated from old forms. While the world mourns the deaths of innumerable species of life, we can look to the emergence of a subtler realm of life that will infuse the new civilization with greater Light. 

So, what will the new beginning bring and how can we work together to achieve it? Here is a vision to consider: 

The new cycle into which we are moving will eventually be free of fear in all its forms. Unconditional love will be the aim of all inhabitants. We will be working towards living in a way that serves everyone, knowing that what we do for others we do for ourselves. We will know that, in reality, we are all One—one with our Creator and each other. Differences in religion and ways of life will be accepted and celebrated. We will do to other life forms as we do to ourselves and so treat all creatures with love and kindness. And, because our thoughts, words and deeds will be loving, we will not attract negative circumstances into our lives. Our environment will be beautiful. Nature will flourish. Flowers, trees and all aspects of nature will be healing to our beings and a joy to behold. There will be no crime and punishment. If a mistake is made the individual will be counselled and helped to make better choices and the mistake will be forgiven. It will be safe to leave our doors unlocked and to walk our streets at night. People will not hold grudges. Competition with others will be a thing of the past. The only competition will be within ourselves—to see what we can do to better serve our world. There will be no control tactics or one-up-man-ship over others. 

Does this sound like some pipe dream? Perhaps, but we will not be alone in our efforts. Wise Ones are approaching and are closer than we realise. They are the same ones who have come to earth in difficult times throughout the ages to guide and help us. Even now, they are preparing to become visible to those who have awakened and are willing to do what is necessary to achieve a higher dimension of living. We are very close now to this new beginning and it is up to us to help make it happen. As we increase our capacity to love and live in harmony with each other, we bring it closer. There needs to be a critical number of awakened people for our Guides and Helpers to appear. Which camp will you join: the one heading for a finer world or the one leading to its destruction?