The ascent of the human soul to a plane of higher consciousness is the evolutionary goal of the Aquarian age. This new age has begun. Great Ones will soon appear to affirm this fact. 

The New Age is upon us. We have entered the Age of Aquarius. The Piscean Age is gradually fading into the distance as we stand at the foot of the mountain pass that leads to a higher state of consciousness–one that removes ancient strife and discord and leads into a rarefied atmosphere where Love and Light alone are the reality. As we leave the rough terrain of the mountain planes, each step reveals the reality of this great Light upon the mountain top. We realise in the ascent, unknown ‘til now, that there are Those who have travelled before us and are here to help us over the rough spots of the mountain side. They will hold us in the light and love of Their being when we falter or when we need to rest along the way. 

Many of us understand that we have travelled through many lifetimes, gaining valuable experiences that have brought us to this point of ascent where we now stand on the evolutionary ladder. Often, during those lifetimes, we thought we were alone in the face of many challenges and traumas that life offered as a means for inner growth, but we are now beginning to realise that we were never alone. The truth is that we have always been looked after by the unseen forces of light, receiving nudges and promptings when it most mattered from our guides and teachers who reside on the inner planes. Sometimes we have been deaf to the guidance and have gone our preferred way, and often to our own detriment, but guidance has always been there, available to all who were and are willing to listen. These promptings have come as an inner voice from the Soul, sometimes in the form of synchronistic events, or as strong feelings when faced with important or urgent decisions that need to be made. 

Sometime in the near future, humanity will receive a great teaching that is centred on the education of the Soul. The ground for this teaching is being prepared even now as we speak. It will be presented in its fullness and beauty by the Great Masters of Wisdom who will come to teach all those who are receptive to Their guidance. They will explain the wisdom of the ages and how we can create a world in which hunger and poverty will be a thing of the past. Under their wise tuition, we will learn to live by the true laws of Brotherhood, with love and goodwill towards all, in spite of the apparent differences in customs and beliefs. We will experience the joy and beauty of living in loving service to each other and so create a world of peace and harmony. Living and working together in cooperation with their wise and loving guidance, we cannot fail. 

So, with trust and confidence in our hearts let us continue on our journey up the mountainside, towards the Light and Love that our souls know. The mountain may look steep and challenging at ground level, but with courage in our hearts and comforting each other along the way, we will reach the summit sooner than we know it.