It is prophesied in all major world religions that a great Teacher or Prophet will appear on Earth to inaugurate a new era.  Many prophecies foretell of a divine Being within the spiritual realm descending to the denser plane of Earth to teach humanity what must be learned to establish the foundations for a new world.

The modern wisdom teachings tell us that when the World Teacher returns, He will come with His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, to bring the new world into manifestation, launching the Age of Aquarius.  During this period of approximately 2500 years the consciousness of humanity, and all other realms of life, will expand within the expanding consciousness of the Lord of the Earth.  Inpouring cosmic energies peculiar to this new age have already begun to prepare the way for a cycle of life that will become known as the Age of the Soul—an age of higher consciousness.

The crises affecting the natural rhythms of the Earth are causing us to realise how urgent is the need for fundamental change in our way of thinking and behaving, and this is evoking the awareness needed to cross the threshold into a new era.  In this next cycle of planetary life, humanity is expected to assume greater responsibility for the management of the planet and the well-being of all living creatures.

However, it will require a transformation of human consciousness for this potential to unfold.  It will be necessary to transmute the baser instincts and impulses of our nature and to evoke the higher impulses of the Soul.  A new world will materialize as we collectively learn to embody the Soul’s essential qualities of love, wisdom, compassion and a sense of purpose that serves the greater life.

It is evident that we are now approaching what has been called ‘a parting of the ways’.  We have reached a major evolutionary turning-point where those who are unable to grasp the interconnectedness of all lives, or to feel a sense of unity with others, will remain in the present dimension of density where they will experience the fruits of the lives they created.  Those who have achieved a capacity for love, transmuting the harmful aspects of themselves, will enter the portal to a new world of greater light.

As the midnight hour approaches, the choice becomes starker.  One either chooses to follow the spiritual path leading to greater love, peace, joy, and service to others, or one chooses to continue living in a world of greed, exploitation, and devastation of all kinds—a world that breeds constant pain and suffering.

By learning to make the crooked places straight within ourselves, we arrive at contact with the light of the Christ within—the soul awareness that enables us to forge relationships with Those who reside in the higher realms of Earth.  Under the guidance of spiritual Elders, we will co-create a new world at a higher turn of conscious evolution.  Our guides will provide the light of wisdom by which we can evolve further towards the One Source of Light and Life.

Even now, through conscious relationships between humanity and the spiritual kingdom, many souls are working to prepare the way for the Coming One and His Masters of Wisdom, who will unveil to us a new reality.  Though he is known to many as Christ, this divine Being does not belong to any one religion.  He is known by different names in different faiths and spiritual traditions.

When ‘Christ’ arrives to initiate a new age, he will at first appear to people of all religions in the name and form of the religious figure they most revere.  Like a prism with many facets, each facet will reflect a different colour of light although the light radiates from one and the same source.  In time, this great Being will come to be recognized as the World Teacher of all humanity.

In the higher dimensions of Earth, all Life is unified in consciousness with the purpose of our planetary Lord for creating life.  By treading the Path into the spiritual kingdom, the realm beyond the human, we grow under the wisdom and love of enlightened Guides and Teachers, learning to live in accordance with the divine plan of evolution.  This is how we will create a new world on Earth.

Human beings are now discovering that a realm of divine power does exist on this long-suffering planet.  Now, as heinous injustices pervade every aspect of life on our planet, the moment has arrived for humanity to recognize the spiritual realm of life, while there is still time.

If you wish to learn more about the Masters, see the Essay entitled: ‘Our Elder Brothers.’