Seeds of Life and Love

There are seeds in the desert that have been buried for hundreds of years, keeping the secret of the flower in them. With the arrival of long-awaited rains, they awake to reveal their secret.

One day I heard a concert where Pavarotti combined his voice with that of rock singers and the sound emanating from the music and their voices enchanted the souls of the audience, including mine. I could not help thinking that those sounds, which brought such joy, were manifestations of the souls of those who produced them. And I wondered if, and how much, they were aware of what was happening.

Reflecting on this, I realized that in all the creative spheres of the world there is an infinity of beauty expressed by the human soul. But there is a lack of awareness of this precious good, too often buried by the lies of the world.

Let us not always think critically or negatively, but pay more attention to the beautiful seeds that already exist, but which are so often ignored, to learn to consciously flood them with positive thoughts so that the Beauty contained in them will sprout.