Every day we waste thousands of precious spirillae of energy to be able to stay afloat in this world without a soul, which unceasingly tries to transform us into automatic mechanisms, lifeless robots. 

Every day we should ask ourselves what is the meaning of this mechanical life, which subtracts meaning and beauty from our life, leaving misery and sadness within us. 

Every day, looking around, we can see the same torment in others. 

Yet in the sad and bewildered eyes of many, one often notices a glow, a hope; a light emanates from within. 

Every day we can observe two worlds, one that dies and the other that is born. 

And what the heart desires is not so much to save the old one as to participate in the construction of the new one. 

Every day before wearing “the customary social habit” it would be a good exercise to ask ourselves in what precise point we find ourselves between what dies and what is born, so that we can trace a course, which leads us, point by point, 

Towards a New Life.