The times of turmoil are coming to an end. Just as birth pains are greatest before the birth of a child, so the present turmoil is heralding the advent of our transition into a world of peace, prosperity and joy. In the near future, Great Masters of Wisdom and Love will come to show us the way to right living and right governance on our beautiful planet. They are already working behind the scenes in preparation for their promised and foretold appearance. 

But who are these Masters? Living on higher planes beyond our ordinary sight are great Spiritual beings who have mastered the trials and challenges of physical plane life. We are already familiar with some of their names: Jesus the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, Buddha, Imam Mahdi, Krishna, Confucius and many others who work tirelessly and lovingly behind the scenes for the welfare of all. 

At this time of world crisis when the whole world seems to have gone mad, the Masters have expressed their intention to appear to us in physical form when the time is right. Upon their arrival, we will be taught and guided in a way that will free us from the ignorance and confusion created over millennia, and before we inadvertently destroy ourselves and the planet on which we live. 

The way in which the Masters work on their plane of existence is very different to how we work on earth. On the physical plane human beings operate collectively in institutions, at the head of which is an owner. This individual (or group of individuals) is followed by a managing director, a board of directors, department managers, and finally ‘workers in the field’. On the higher planes the Hierarchy works in a similar way, but with one major difference. Where our world hierarchies are created on the basis of oppression and fear, the survival of the fittest and self service in a spirit of ceaseless competition, the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are deeply rooted in a spirit of unconditional Love and Wisdom; inclusiveness and selfless service to all beings in thought, word and deed are their modus operandi. 

Some of these great Masters, who are known also as our elder brothers, live in physical bodies in remote parts of the earth unknown to humanity, while others reside on more subtle planes of existence. They are always present, even though unseen, helping humanity to evolve so that we may learn to live in peace and harmony with each other and with all other forms of life on the planet, but they never interfere with our free will. The Masters—like all personnel within our institutions—have achieved various levels of expertise in their different fields of activity, and they work in loving harmony with each other in the higher spheres under the direction and power of the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. When they appear on earth in full manifestation before us they will not come as dictators, but as teachers and guides to those who are receptive to their love and wisdom. 

At this time of natural disasters, atrocities and wars waging around the world, it is wise for us to refrain from being afraid and disheartened. Instead, we should look with confidence beyond what is seen to the very real possibility of a bright and glorious future. Let us hold steady in our vision a world where we live as One in peace and harmony, where everyone realises that we are all part of the One Whole, and where the sense of separation ceases to exist between human beings, nations, classes and religions. This beautiful vision of a world established on just laws, beauty, peace and brotherhood is not only possible, but is imminent; it is destined to be and will manifest sooner than later as we grasp and understand more deeply the plan of evolution which is now set in motion, and which is now eliminating all that is obsolete on earth for the development of the new world. 

Under the guidance of the Masters of Wisdom and humanity’s growing cooperation with them, we can look forward to a world that will be very different to the one in which we now live; one that is free of war, strife, crime and inhumane activities; a world of great beauty where truth and justice rule, where pure hearts and intelligent minds become the status quo, and where the power of love influences all our actions and relationships. Believe this, and it will be so.