Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the carrot, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a new world—a fully realized heaven on earth.

• Just as the seed contains the pattern and promise of the flower, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a glorious new world.

Life is full of wonders we really can’t explain. When carrots and flowers spring from seeds, we know the mechanics but not the mystery. When a baby blossoms within a womb, we may know that cells multiply and grow into form, but what sublime essences infuse and fuel that DNA? What enters and exits in the human life cycle? In nature, we sense the hand of a Creator, orchestrating the vast diversity of creation. Is there also a Divine Plan for humanity, growing within us, out of the mud of discord and chaos, into a pattern of beauty and peace?

Have we forgotten how to appreciate the wonders of this world? We focus more on crime, death and destruction than the glorious web of life that holds us in its embrace. Are we going insane? Are we doomed to destruction? Or is there a divine pattern buried within the self that can remember its true nature if attention is turned within. That is where the Great Masters of Wisdom meet us, not through a looking glass, but face to face. They hear our every cry of suffering, our every call for help. Can we listen for their response? Their Age, the Aquarian Age, is coming—where Love, Peace, Beauty and Joy will supersede our patterns of despair. If we look within, inviting Their cooperation, and extending our cooperation.

The illusion that we are separated selves whose thoughts have no effect upon others is perhaps the greatest illusion of all. We are all One—One with our Creator, with every living being and with all life. Just as dye, dropped into a pool, minutely alters the colour of the water, so our thoughts—dropped into the ocean of the One Mind—affect the whole of humanity and every living being. Billions of us transmitting negative thoughts and narratives create the world’s miasmas. Imagine the beauty, the clarity that would surround us if we joined the sacred labour to supplant hate and fear with Courageous Love!

Meditation is the key to transform our thoughts, to dissolve the mud of outworn narratives. It has been documented that group meditation on peace can reduce crime rates by up to 70 percent (as reported in ‘The Synchronicity Key’ by David Wilcock). A world of peace and love is within our grasp, if that is what we choose, if that is the loving labour we perform.

We are at a crossroads.  We are being given a choice whether to take the road that leads to Life, where love predominates, or one where grief and suffering prevail.

Which road will you take?  Are you willing to surrender unforgiveness, hate, jealousy, criticisms, judgments, the need for power over others, and to allow love, kindness, generosity, and tolerance to rise from within you:  to do to others only what we would have them do to us?  Are you willing to see the good in others behind the façade of their negativity, hurtful remarks, or actions?

When our thoughts, words and deeds become loving and kind, we will create ‘Heaven on Earth.’  We will attract into our lives only people and conditions we love and enjoy.  We are responsible for what we attract into our world, and what we think now contains seeds, which will eventually grow, as in a carrot or flower, or a brand-new human being—to bring us a life of grief and suffering or a glorious new world of unprecedented joy—joy to ‘a new world and a fully realised Heaven on Earth’.