Long ago, the wisdom of Native Americans predicted that you were the generation to initiate the dawn of the fifth world of peace.  They called you the rainbow generation because with your appearance, there would also be circular rainbow discs (parhelia) in the sky.  They said you would hold the promise of peace between all kingdoms in nature because you stand for equality, oneness, mutual respect, truth, beauty and goodness.  Your generation speaks of Love as the healer of our planet.  As you drink in the wisdom of the ancients, you have new ways to understand yourselves and others.  You will teach us to walk in balance again on Mother Earth, and to govern with the wisdom of our Elders.

Enough children of Earth have now awakened to bear responsibility for change. Many will remember the purpose of their path on Earth and will develop their gifts to help all humanity. Truth will shatter the walls of separation and goodness will be your radiance. Everyone will learn to rely on their soul’s vision and follow their heart to help the whole. Every person will be able to use his or her gifts with joy and share equally in the generosity created by all who work together. You, of this new generation, follow the systems of knowledge of earlier spiritual warriors—the brothers and sisters from the fifth world who bring everything together into one. When the peace rainbow encircles the space of every person, and all walk in truth and respect the sacred space of others, the harmony of life will be restored.

The prediction also foretold that there would be changes in the natural world of our planet—fires, earthquakes and floods—and this would cause fear in the children of the earth, the newborn warriors, at first bringing strong waves of emotion and feeling. But it was predicted that these same phenomena would wake up their inner knowing and memory of why they are here. They would remember they are here as warriors of the Light—to lead all people to the understanding of the UNITY of all—that we are one planet, one people.  So said the Indian wisdom.  And now we see the prediction coming true.

Your time to shine and lead us into a new world is now.  Love, light and power are glittering in your beautiful eyes.

May you sense the blessings and love sent to you by the many who were expecting you, and may your destiny be fulfilled!