When I was young, I longed for answers to my deepest questions: Who are we, why are we on this earth, why did we come and where do we go after we die? What, you too? Do you think many of us walk around with these hidden questions that they feel are ultimately unanswerable? Since no one comes back from death, do they think there can be no true answers? Religion and Science, you say, try to impose their systems of truth on us but somewhere they fail. They only have relative truth, you say, or doctrines based on tired formulas or limited procedures. 

So, I do understand your frustration when you say, what can we do? There is urgency in our search for truth now, our planet is in danger and it needs renewal; our civilisations are tired and weary. We want to reach for the stars but we don’t know how. You look up from your computer and you say to me: It has much information, it gives me knowledge, but it doesn’t give me wisdom. 

Let us go on a search together, I say, for essence. What is that? Well, it’s a thing which is so subtle you can almost miss it, but it is there in all things, all beings, it is a core, a flame that you can feel in the heart. What heart? Well, that place where we are all the same, the common, beating, bruised heart of us all, in conjunction, in union, in brotherhood. Insane? No, not really, I’m talking about the soul of humanity and the soul of the world. It’s all about essence, don’t you see? What’s the use of it, you ask? Well, it’s about where we came from, how we live and where we go when the journey ends—this subtle, invisible essence is the answer. How to find it? Well, it means bringing goodness and wisdom into the phenomenal world. And it’s about exploring an inner world. Be an explorer with me now, let’s go to the inner world; you have to close your eyes with me. 

Yes, it’s dark and empty but in the distance is a light. Shall we approach it, follow it? Now it comes towards us, so bright, and it begins to teach in its silence if we are still enough. It is truth revealing itself, things we have never known before. It seems we must live as the soul lives on its own plane, we must be filled with its beauty, truth and goodness as we go through our lives. We must love as it loves, that means all of humanity. We must carry its light. It reveals something new and rather strange. Listen. That our true selves are as it is, subtle and luminous. That we are actors on earth assuming roles in order to expand who we are. That you and I are one, we belong to the unity of souls. That this all carries purpose as humanity itself treads the path to enlightenment. 

So, shall we walk together now, you and I, to bring the light of knowledge and the knowledge of light deep into our lives? Shall we create in the name of this essence so bright; shall we express all its qualities so we and humanity catch fire with its eternal flame?