Dear friends, there is something we need to do together on our beloved planet, something that may seem quite impossible, I know. We need to heal the deep divisions between us based on religions and their attempts to monopolise truth. How to do this? What if we decided to let go of religion and seek truth instead? Then we must ask ourselves: is truth static? 

I think life is an ongoing creative experience. Do you? I mean that creation didn’t just pop out and stop, it is happening all the time, the great, onrushing river of life, the freshness of each moment meeting the next moment. So truth, as it seeks to incarnate on earth through different wise teachers and enlightened beings, will constantly be garbed in different clothes. Then the problem arises of fixed belief, the desire to stop the flow of creation and to stand on a fixed platform. 

This is why, dear friends, I personally have decided to release my embedded beliefs as much as possible. What freedom! Then we can be open to the intuitive flashes that drop into our minds as truth tries endlessly, creatively, to teach each one of us. 

There will be a new way of unity for the collective. Can you feel it coming? New teachers are on their way, wise beings who will tell us about freedom from those beliefs that we have felt we needed to assert or defend. We must assist them, to show humanity that we are, all together, one heart-filled family infused with the freedom of creative life that is living in us. Living light flowing as one.