If only we knew how to love each other on this planet we could transform everything. We could make a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world. 

So how do we do it? We open our minds to this idea, that the will-to-good might become a prime guiding force in our culture and societies, if we could but allow it. The will-to-good helps us to turn outwards to humanity to wish everyone well and to act accordingly. It means creating businesses and work cultures that are focused on the betterment of humanity and all beings. It means teams of leadership keeping this as a principle informing all their decisions. It means teaching children from a young age about the will-to-good and in continuing education of all kinds. It means a belief in the basic goodness of all life and affirming this even if it lies hidden behind some people’s misguided emotions and harmful actions. We must search for it, see it, affirm it. 

Goodness is a force like a fierce flame that can penetrate through hate and bitterness to a core where humanity’s heart awakens. It leads us to a realisation that our own nature is set alight by this torch. Then we can acknowledge the truth of the enormous power that love is.