I saw you coming down the street towards me and you looked so forlorn. I wanted to comfort you but of course I couldn’t because you were a stranger going in one direction and I in another. Yet we strangers do meet in the heart because we belong to one human family, even if this knowledge is neglected, forsaken or forgotten. 

All morning I wondered why you were unhappy. Perhaps it was the state of the world? Or personal problems you wouldn’t feel safe to share. Or just everything. 

I agree. The world looks messy and dysfunctional. It doesn’t look supportive. But it isn’t the only reality. There is a higher truth which makes us understand. It appears to hide behind all the worldly stuff our senses see and know. It tells us there is a path that we tread together through our lives. You could call it the way of true knowledge, the way of the heart or the way of purpose, or all of these. It is subtle, it tells us about what is beyond sadness. 

I hope you will find it soon and we will meet there in our common humanity. A path of joyful recognition, soul to soul.