A glow on the Horizon

The importance and the uniqueness of the historical moment we are experiencing descends day by day more and more into the depths of our conscience, while we live everyday life.

This makes us irreplaceable and powerful where we are.

We know the difficulties and the pain of the World, while the Light and the Joy that comes from the certainty of a New Civilization to conquer, puts us in the conditions of giving and risking everything possible to light a new Life on this Planet.

As flames that have the task of transmitting the radiance of the Hierarchy, we have the possibility of raising the heart of billions of living beings that populate our Planet.

We can dry the tears of those who no longer have vision and hope in the future and in our meditation we see multitudes that date back to the mountain of initiation that involves the entire planetary existence.

This process has implications that go beyond the human kingdom alone. The animal, vegetable, mineral and deva kingdoms unite in this transformation that follows the frequency of the beat of the group heart.

Day after day, we feel more and more united thanks to our souls that intertwine in an unprecedented work. This is an epochal Battle that sees us in the forefront, aware of the unshakable support of our beloved Guides and of the Christ.

On the horizon you can see a glow