Do you know the great painting, the one with the little town sleeping in darkness while above is the swirling, starry night sky, light and beauty alive in the darkness and beyond that, the cosmos? While we sleep in the valley in our small lives between birth and death, with our striving, sorrows, grief and intermittent joys, great things are truly happening. Great mysteries do exist.

There are cosmic plans for humanity’s evolution, held among the silent watchers and guardians who dwell in the great beyond. They are those who listen to every heartbeat and enfold us in their care and love. Yes, there are mysteries and some of us are now sensing that a time approaches when all that beauty and knowledge will spill out into the realm of earth. These teachers will come again to our lands to instruct us anew, to show us where heaven and earth join and how the chasm between earthly and heavenly life is transformed and healed.

We shall see that we are on a course to become cosmic spiritual beings. First the darkness, then the light. Death and resurrection will play out. Our task now is to hold steady and prepare for new revelation with openness, courage, heart-filled optimism, love for our beloved planet, and care for all the lives within it.