For me this drawing is like a pulse—a pulsating heartbeat of energy and geometry.  The first symbol is the sun with an umbilical cord that goes into the yin and yang figure as a symbol of duality.

Then it divides into the 7 Rays.  But first it divides into the three major Rays on the left side of the drawing.  Of these three Rays, red is for the First Ray, blue for the Second Ray, and green/yellow for the Third Ray.

Then there are sub-rays and these are the circles on the right side of the drawing.   Each has its own colour and energy even as they cross one another.  For me it symbolizes that we have to work together.

In the whole of the drawing there is a pulsing between left and right, between energy and geometry, and everything is connected with everything else.  It is an illusion to think that things are separated because for me this drawing is reality—I see the world like this.  For me it is an illusion to think that things are separate.  There is a nourishing flow from energy into form and even into the most subtle forms.

The sheet of paper was too small for the drawing.  It could have gone on into the infinite.  So, I think it also symbolizes infinity.  And the harmony of the pulsing system, a cosmic system—a sacred system also—nourishes everything.

Then there is the energy of the colours, the same as light in different frequencies, which are flowing and dancing in infinite possibilities of harmony pulsing through the whole system.

I think this drawing is a kind of message—that the whole system is being energized at this moment and that it will become (or already has become) the New World.  That may be invisible for most people, but the light is behind first three Rays on the left which for me are also trees.  Behind them is the yellow light which symbolizes that, in spite of everything we are going through right now, there is something we are expecting, something beautiful.

Then near the symbol of yin and yang, when you look a little further down and to the right, there is a little figure and it is a kind of a Buddha who is meditating throughout this period of great changes.

If you are able to zoom in—If, for instance, you zoom into the circle of the blue tree—by making the photo larger, you have a new world and then you can zoom out again into another world.  So, it is also an image of the different worlds and the microcosm and the macrocosm.

~ The Artist

(The text above is a transcription of the artist’s verbal explanation of what this drawing represents.)