Beyond thought! What an extraordinary concept, you say. There isn’t anything beyond thinking, beyond this language of the mind. My mind, you say, is me, and it runs my life. It is capable of probing many ideas and possibilities, making choices, it is a problem-solver, it is something that is an appropriate piece of equipment for running a modern life. 

Yes, but I ask again. Is there anything beyond thought? Could there be a more subtle aspect of ourselves, beyond the senses, beyond the known, beyond the package of accepted reality? Is it possible that the human race could be ready now to step away from the cliff-edge and find itself on a new verge of discovery, ready for an inner exploration into consciousness, to see how it can lead into a new world? Have our civilisations become tired because the outer world, the journey through its presentation of reality has been so long and arduous? Can we leave the known, do you think and go into the silence which is the pathway to the soul? 

Oh that, you say. The soul is some outdated religious concept. Nebulous, poetic maybe, but of no use. Of course people hope that with death something goes on, called a soul, because it’s a consolation. But really, it’s just fantasy. 

There could be an inner world, I reply, that humanity needs to discover now, so it can move forward. It could be the new frontier, because the outer world where the senses are engaged has been probed, dissected and added to the huge body of knowledge you might call the world’s wisdom over centuries. But what if there is a deeper layer, a finer reality, more subtle, which requires inner quiet for access? An inner treasure-house of inspiration, a sense of guidance, and a purer intuition than anything we have known? Or has it always been there, but we didn’t notice? 

This is what I say. If we want to know what is beyond thought, shall we go there, you and I? Shall we make this brave, inner journey and bring others along with us too? Shall we be explorers of a new frontier? Shall we take the pathway that leads to the soul?