It is time to look beyond death fearlessly, people of earth.  On the other side of death is another world.  Think of it as a realm where answers to the great questions of existence are known.  Why did we come to earth, how should we live, why are we here?

Think of earth as a school where great lessons are learnt, lifetime after lifetime.  There are sorrows and joys, striving and failing, love and its unhappy opposite.  We walk a path between these things.  Think of it as a path through a mountain forest, with choices to go one way or another, to get lost or be found, to climb up or go down. These experiences are teachers and through them we grow strong. We become, in the end, beautiful souls who can turn back to help others.

When all the earth lessons have been learnt we go to higher realms. There we find the graduates from this school of earth who now watch over struggling humanity with great love and care.  They help us from invisible worlds and we can call them Masters.  They are the ones who intend to return to Earth soon, to be our teachers. They will bring us a new way to see and understand the truth of all things and they will come soon.