“Lost in this infinite darkness, I search for a hug to remind me of being human.” 

One rarely feels the childlike joy of being among our human brothers. Only if we imagine that we are lost in infinite and shadowy space, would we realize that the first desire would be to meet a human being, the only kind of being with whom it would be possible to communicate. There is no galaxy, star or planet, with which we human beings can communicate; only with a similar being do we have the possibility of a conscious relationship. 

When we try to talk about God we get lost. Even if we focus our thoughts in deepest concentration, we cannot “touch” the authenticity of the Truth that is God. God is in every living being, even in us human beings, but unfortunately we are still unable to perceive and become aware of what is divine in us. 

If we had to reduce the Origin of all things to a Being with which we can communicate, we should imagine it as ‘energy’ embodied as a human being, but a being which is not yet capable of engineering its own creation, and so the Origin that it longs to know does not yet exist for it. Only a fraction of the energy-Origin is manifested through the Masters, whose state of being is closer to that of a human being. The Truth of Reality will arise only when the whole of humanity lives in the awareness of its own divinity. 

God lives in every “word” uttered by humanity, even if malformed, for everything in creation begins as a word. The Polish physician, philosopher and priest Johannes Scheffler, also known as Angelus Silesius, writes in one of his epigrams: God has made Himself Man for you. If, in return, you do not make yourself God for Him, you ignore the true purpose for which you are created. From this different point of view it would seem that it is God who wants to become a man, or rather, to become the human essence. To achieve this, however, we need a God awakened in Humanity. 

It is difficult indeed to think that what we call God, including all that concerns the powers of this Being, can somehow be imperfect—God, incapable of fully expressing himself, closed, imprisoned, and lost in his own creation of being “Human”. 

I once saw a condor that had been caged for a long time and was then released in a wonderful valley with infinite space in front of him, and where other condors flew freely. He sat on the rock where he had been placed, remaining still for a long time with his wings completely open, observing the open space that he did not understand. Instinctively he moved his wings but did not know how to fly. After a long period of tension between his identity as a caged bird and what was now in front of him, an instinct took hold and he soared into flight. There was unspeakable joy in seeing him suspended in the sky. 

I think that we human beings have been standing on a rock for a long time, like the condor, and we do not recognize the valley, the space in front of us, and within us. Is this why God himself has remained imprisoned in the cage of the World? 

With this vision there is no longer a God to whom we address our prayers, but one that we learn to recognize in ourselves, so that the magnetism of Love can recompose the infinite sparks of light into a single Human and Divine being. 

Humanity cannot wash its hands of such a great RESPONSIBILITY.