The concept of “The New World” is not unfamiliar or strange these days. But what does it mean? When one probes for answers within, only vague or shrouded ideas are found. But, as of a few days ago, I have a better understanding. While studying some spiritual material, I had a glimpse—a minor vision—of what the “The New World” could mean. What I saw left me somewhat stunned.

The vison had two contrasting parts: our world as it is today, and our world as it will be in the future. It showed that today’s world works on the basis of man-made laws—a whole network of laws covering every aspect of life. There are labor laws, financial laws, business laws, rules, regulations, and the list goes on endlessly. These laws have evolved over time. They are man’s laws made to control man’s aggression, separateness, selfishness, greed, and harmfulness. We are constantly making new laws and yet the courts are busier and the prisons fuller than ever. It seems that our laws are not a sufficient answer.

This part of my vision prompted me to imagine what our world would look like if we eliminated all the laws that exist right now to control ourselves and our civilization. Many movies and books have been created around that scenario, so it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that we’re looking at hell on earth.

The second part of the vision showed that the “New World” would have none of these man-made laws. The humanity dwelling in this new world would no longer need laws to force them to be harmless, to live life in harmony with all that lives, for they will recognize the Oneness of Life and will live with that conscious recognition.

I was truly stunned by the CONTRAST between those two views of our world. Then I began to think about what it would take for me to live in “The New World” and I realized that at my present level of development, I might not be fit to live there. I have much to transmute, discard, remove from my thoughts, feelings and actions before I would make the grade.

Does this “vision” make sense? I don’t know for sure. Does it make sense that we will have a ready- made “New World” to enter when we make ourselves pure enough? I have questions about this. I suspect instead that we will have to strive together to give birth to this new world, strive together as souls to transmute our lower selves.

Surely, we will have help and guidance from our Elders, those Divine Beings who have down the ages transcended Their own lower selves and dwell in a higher world, while guiding and assisting humanity to awaken to our soul consciousness and responsibilities. Perhaps in time they will exist in this new world with us, when we grow enough to share their consciousness. Is that not a Joyous thought?

Returning to the concept of laws in this vision, perhaps there will still be something like laws. But whatever is needed will be created by souls, and for souls, to guide and assist our continuing growth towards Divinity. Who could not be hopeful about such a “Vision?”