The Evolutionary Plan for Humanity and the Planet

Our planet Earth is moving into a new age and a higher-frequency field of Light as part of the divine plan for the evolution of planetary consciousness. For human beings, this is leading toward the awakening of Soul consciousness known by some as ‘Ascension.’ As each of us raises our own awareness and vibrational frequency, we create a growing unified field that contributes to the expanded consciousness of the whole of Humanity.

Of all the visible kingdoms of life on earth—mineral, plant, animal and human—humanity is the only one that is self-aware. Because of this, we can act as a mediating field of consciousness between the lesser kingdoms and the higher Kingdom of Souls, as the planetary shift occurs.

There are many Illumined beings on our planet who have graduated from the realm of human experience into the Unified Soul Field, from where they impress and guide open-hearted and spiritually aligned individuals. Known as saints, bodhisattvas, masters, elders or ancestors, these beings can be known through intuitive guidance and meditation. In this transition time, they are aiding us to release blockages to the realization of our true selves as conscious souls—spirit currently embodied in form.

Soul consciousness is also known as Christ consciousness and Buddha nature. The modern wisdom teachings tell us that the consciousness of Love and Wisdom pervades the Unified Field of Illumined Souls. At present, the radiant energy of Love flowing forth from this spiritual realm is being sensed and absorbed by individuals who are awakening. As this continues, members of the group of illumined Beings will appear as guides and teachers. Some can already be seen among the lighted young people who are working to heal the planet.

Advanced humanity is moving out of the trap of materialism (capitalist consumerism), away from competition and toward cooperation, and the goodness, truth and beauty that are the soul qualities we share. We are collectively passing through a heart opening, developing greater kindness, connection, warmth, and caring, and discerning what really matters in life. The more aware we become, the better we can serve our destined purpose as a lighted bridge between the visible kingdoms and the Illumined Heart and Soul of the planet.


Here are some things we can do now to support our collective journey into the new era:

  • Look to the Light and focus on positive happenings; what you focus on will be manifested.
  • Notice new levels of consciousness arising in yourself and in the world.
  • Connect with other lighted beings who are serving the greater good and encourage and support them.
  • Care for those who don’t yet realize who they are as Souls by radiating your own unique light.
  • Explore physical and energetic practices that help integrate and align the physical/etheric field for greater flow, connection and grounding, as higher light infuses the form.
  • Open to nature, deep breathing, and physical movement
  • Meditate and pray daily, resting in silence and stillness, listening within.
  • Stand in the Sun and feel the waves of Love pouring into the planet and into you.

Daily practice is the key.