What is Truth?  There are so many ‘truths’ and everyone has their own version of truth, but what is the ultimate truth?  This question has pursued me throughout my life.  I have always had a fear of misleading people, and so have searched for that “ultimate truth” through countless teachings and philosophies.  They all offered what were like pieces of a jigsaw, some came together, others left waiting on the sidelines to be placed at a later date.  I had a kind of ‘mental shelf’’ on which I placed teachings that I was either unsure about or didn’t understand, and often, after a year or so, I would read something that clarified things so that I could accept or reject.

So, what is the ultimate Truth?  None of the many truths we believe in are really real, for they are secondary truths which rely on our belief systems and experiences, and these change over time.  What was true for us as children may not be true for us as adults. Our sense of truth can change as new information comes to us—for example, there was a time when we believed that the world was flat.  Now we know this is not the case.

The ultimate Truth cannot be known by the mind.  Instead it is an inner knowing, a realisation.  One Truth that can’t be changed, that is known by all of humanity, is the fact that ‘I Am, I exist.’  Not as well-known or realised is the truth that: ‘I am One with our Creator and with all life, seen and unseen’, and thus what I do to others, the animal kingdom, and to the environment, I do to myself. 

This is why our souls or higher selves have incarnated into physical forms— to learn this lesson from direct experience.  Through our sojourn in the world we learn how to bring love into every possible situation in which we find ourselves.  And so we eventually come to master all the challenges with which we are confronted and find our way back to oneness—oneness with our souls, with all of life and with our Source, our Creator.  It is a journey instigated by our Souls so that we learn to bring the physical and spiritual together and, under the guidance of our souls, climb the evolutionary path that leads to a world of beauty, joy and fulfilment.

That opportunity is greater now than it has ever been as enlightened Teachers of Wisdom and Love are about to return and fulfil the promise of the many inspired teachings down the ages.  And They will bring wise guidance to those who are ready to hear it.  So, it is time to realise our oneness as souls and, with Their guidance, move forward on the ever-expanding path that opens into the wholeness of a higher plane of Being.