In the calm evening I walked past houses on another street to mine, watching the darkness slowly coming to enfold us. I think it was your house I passed. I saw someone sitting on a sofa, another person in the kitchen, some little people absorbed by a TV. I felt a quiet joy because of the peace and beauty of such domestic scenes in the evening light. 

We are capable of this harmony and benevolence and friendship and it is beautiful. You pulled the curtain as light waned and I walked on. I try and you try and sometimes we create a sweetness in living. Sometimes good flows out in a little burst to travel round the world. But is it enough?

So often we must leave our comfort zone. The darkness will always come and the night of our personal lives must be faced and endured. As we do so, we gain courage and strength to return to the light within. But our world can be so very troubled that we wonder if that light will ever come. Questions arise in us: What is life for, what does it all mean? How can we ride the turbulent wave of change? 

Humanity must always evolve into the unknown, toward a promise that is immanent within us—the next creative leap into a new dimension of reality. Such a time has come upon us now. You and I and our dear earth, we are all due to step forward into a pristine new era that awaits us. Something very good is coming that will lift us into a new state of consciousness. Coming soon. 

Then, when I meet you on my evening walk, you will be my dear friend and I yours, although we have never exchanged a word. Our eyes will meet and a deep knowing will shine forth, an understanding so great that it will have changed the world. This will be a world where the heart and mind become as one, where compassionate thinking and the intelligent heart inform all our actions. I will be there for you, all of you, and you will be there for me, and all of us. We will know the true nature of love and will embody divine potentials living within us. 

Now sleep well and deeply behind your closed curtains. After my evening walk I too go into the density of darkness, patient in the night, until the dawn breaks open with a new vision of light. Ineffable brilliance shines down on humanity, on you and me and all of us, ready to step forward to create a beautiful life on a sacred planet.