A new framework for understanding our emerging Reality is now coming into view. It ties together many of the elements of the Great Shift of the Ages that have been appearing in recent decades. These include: the existence of the Soul, the realm of the Soul, the plan of evolution, a 5th Kingdom in nature, the potential for the 4th and 5th kingdoms to cooperate, the birth of a new age, a new Earth, and a new world civilization. This framework helps explain the interrelationships among these new aspects of Reality, enabling those who are awakening to find ourselves within these new parameters. It will allow us to see ourselves more clearly as a part of the shift. 

The central reality of this new framework is that consciousness evolves. Scientists have proven that forms evolve, but no one has yet proven that consciousness evolves. The belief that it does not, that human nature is fixed and unchanging, lies at the root of much of the dysfunction in today’s world. There is a pervasive belief that human nature never changes, that it never has and it never will, which means we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, doomed to create conflict and war, doomed to create systems where the strong dominate the weak, where the rich exploit the poor, where humanity is destined to suffer, and where we are likely to become the source of our own annihilation. The current world system is based on this belief and the attendant belief that everyone is fundamentally the same, that every human being shares the same basic nature. 

A new set of beliefs is coming into view that is entirely different. Many individuals can now testify from the depths of their being that human nature can and does change asconsciousness evolves. They know through experience that behaviour patterns that were once instinctual, driven by impulse, governed by powerful emotions and desires, often harmful and destructive, can be transformed—by the light of the soul. Such people form a body of proof (one could call it scientific proof as it has been repeated by many) that consciousness evolves and, as it does, brings about changes in human nature. 

The fact that consciousness evolves is the basis of ‘the new story’ of humanity as it enters a new era. Simply stated, we are not doomed to repeat what has gone on since the dawn of the present civilization; we can create a new reality based upon the development of a higher aspect of human potential—the spiritual potential within the soul—plus an understanding of the role and purpose of the human race in the grand scheme of evolution. And the Forces of Evolution are telling us that we must do this: we must achieve a higher understanding of reality, as the old understanding is destroying life on our planet. 

On the basis of collective experience, we can now assert that human nature can and does change. Next comes the question of how: what are the means by which it changes, and what does it change into? The means are ancient, dating back thousands of years before the Teachings of Christ, when wise men in the East knew about the path to enlightenment. The knowledge is ancient and universal, though it has been given varied interpretations over time. This knowledge became the mystical core of religions the world over.

We can also assert that the means of changing human nature are ancient, universal, and have proved viable through the ages—for those rare individuals who trod the Path. What is new is that we now have a body of shared experience among people alive today that demonstrates the repeatable fact that human nature can be transformed into a nature that is spiritual or divine. This transformation occurs by treading a path, essentially one and the same in all traditions, which has definable and recognizable stages. Everyone who endures the rigors of this path to its end reaches enlightenment, becoming the Wise Guides and Teachers for the rest of humanity. At that stage of attainment, They become known to seekers, subjectively, as inner guides and teachers, or Elder Brothers. 

Scattered among the race at present are many seekers who have found the Path. Though most are still at the earlier stages, it is from the first stage of this path—when the soul awakens—that human nature begins to change. There are five main stages by which consciousness is transformed from that of a human being into that of a spiritual Being. At each successive stage, the soul reveals more of itself to the personality (the aspect of the human being identified with form and resistant to change). The very purpose of this path, continuing over lifetimes, is the gradual revelation of the higher Self, the Soul. At the 5th stage, the transformed and transfigured human being shifts identity to another plane of consciousness and Being known as the Fifth Kingdom in nature—the Kingdom of Souls—the fruit of evolution through the mineral, plant, animal and, finally, the human kingdom. 

For many millennia until the present, Beings Who trod the path of human evolution to its end, and came to dwell in this higher, subtler plane of Reality, were invisible to humanity. 

Now, as more of us awaken and begin to transform our own lower nature, we are making it possible for these more evolved spiritual Beings to communicate with us. It is because of the fact that human nature is already changing that Higher Beings have begun to enter our consciousness and are about to enter our world. These are facts of evolution that have started to shape the future of the human race and the life of our planet. 

There is also evidence that evolution is accelerating in the realm of consciousness. Those who are awakening can recognize the myriad new forms created by people of Aquarian consciousness all over the globe. A New Era is dawning on a higher plane of awareness and spawning spiritual initiatives that affect many lives. This is further catalysing changes in human nature, bringing us ever closer to a realm of Earth’s life that has been invisible until now. Beings from this realm are coming closer to us, and through emerging relationships with Them we are beginning to build a new reality. 

There is a reason why these developments are recognizable: Over a century ago, Beings from this higher, invisible realm began supplying humanity with knowledge and wisdom about the changes to come with the dawn of a new age and how to prepare ourselves for them. The body of these teachings is known as the Ageless Wisdom. Many seekers have been applying the teachings about the path of transformation and have found them to represent Truth. And now, the wisdom of these higher Beings is guiding disciples through the planetary changes. Many are growing under Their guidance and have begun working together with Them toward the goal of creating a new world—a new culture, a new civilisation, the heaven on Earth that has long been prophesied. 

A new age is now being born. There are men and women today who are living testimony to the fact that fundamental change in the nature of a human being is not only theoretically possible, it is already occurring. The new framework through which we may perceive our evolving world is essentially this: Because human nature has begun to change into something different from what it has been for millennia, it is inevitable that we will create a new world. 

Finally, it is important to recognize that all of this is being driven by an evolutionary plan formulated by Elders on the spiritual plane—those same Beings who are responsible for accelerating the evolution of consciousness on our planet and who are now working with human beings to help intensify the impact of the incoming Forces of Light. 

In summary, here are some things that are now known to be true. Let them inform our collective awareness in the work of transformation and transfiguration toward a new world: 

  • Human nature is evolving. 
  • The evolution of consciousness is humanity’s only hope—but a hope that is justified on the basis of growing proof. 
  • Initiatives in the world are being guided by Beings more evolved than ourselves—Elder Brothers and Wise Teachers dwelling in a higher realm. 
  • There is a realm of embodied Light, Love and Wisdom on our planet, known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, which some human beings are in resonance with, and becoming an integral part of, as they work in close cooperation. 
  • Members of this spiritual Hierarchy are now working alongside humanity, guiding and helping us to hold the light steady in the face of planetary changes. 
  • Within the body of spiritual seekers across the globe, there are those who are already entering a new state of consciousness that will give birth to a new world at a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral. 
  • The future has begun to unfold. 

September 2019