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desert landscape

Seeds of Life and Love

“There are seeds in the desert that have been buried for hundreds of years, keeping the secret of the flower in them. With the arrival of long-awaited rains, they awake to reveal their secret…”

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A Vision of 'The New World'

“The concept of ‘The New World’ is not unfamiliar or strange these days. But what does it mean? When one probes for answers within, only vague or shrouded ideas are found. But, as of a few days ago, I have a better understanding. While studying some spiritual material, I had a glimpse—a minor vision—of what the “The New World” could mean. What I saw left me somewhat stunned…”

A man climbs a high mountain and lifts his arms up in praise

A Different Way of Seeing God

“‘Lost in this infinite darkness, I search for a hug to remind me of being human.’

One rarely feels the childlike joy of being among our human brothers. Only if we imagine that we are lost in infinite and shadowy space, would we realize that the first desire would be to meet a human being, the only kind of being with whom it would be possible to communicate. There is no galaxy, star or planet, with which we human beings can communicate; only with a similar being do we have the possibility of a conscious relationship…”

Math Universe series. Composition of digits and elements of space with metaphorical relationship to mathematics, science, education and modern technology

A New Framework of Understanding

“A new framework for understanding our emerging Reality is now coming into view.  It ties together many of the elements of the Great Shift of the Ages that have been appearing in recent decades.  These include:  the existence of the Soul, the realm of the Soul, the plan of evolution, a 5th Kingdom in nature, the potential for the 4th and 5th kingdoms to cooperate, the birth of a new age, a new Earth, and a new world civilization…”

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May Christ Return to Earth

“For over twenty years I have been using a world prayer called the Great Invocation. In this prayer there is an appeal: “May Christ return to Earth.” And I have wondered, what would it actually look like if Christ returned to Earth? And Who is Christ anyway?

After pondering this for twenty years, I am convinced that Christ will return into our midst very soon…”

A man sitting on a bench staring at a starry sky with a Milky Way and a mountain landscape

Reality is One and Indivisible

“Starting centuries ago, with the Enlightenment, the paths between science and spirituality were divided and have not yet been completely reconnected. The causes of this division are varied and it is not our task to stop and list them. However, it is a fact that there is only one Reality and that it is indivisible. This fact can only be discovered through an inner search for answers to some fundamental questions…”

Image - Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of Consciousness

“In teachings known as the Ageless Wisdom, we learn about the quality of consciousness in different realms of life and how it evolves. It is said that animal consciousness is rooted in instinct. Human consciousness is rooted in intellect. The consciousness of a Master of Love and Wisdom is rooted in a synthesis of higher intuition and spiritual will…”

Landscape with lonely boat and birds against a sun, majestic clouds in sky

Resting in Stillness

“Come and rest your mind, Dear One. Rest and be still awhile. Let Us refresh you. Let Us cleanse the window of your soul that you may see clearly. Allow all that troubles you to slip away and create a void in which you may bask in quiet peace and be renewed…”

We listen for Revelation

We Listen for Revelation

“I’m going to tell you a secret and you don’t have to keep it hidden.  It is a secret kept from humanity across the ages.  I know you’d like to know because you are curious, but my problem is, how do I tell it?  Should I whisper or shout?  What kind of words shall I choose to make it real to you?…”

Van Gogh's The Starry Night adult coloring page

First the Darkness, then the Light

“Do you know the great painting, the one with the little town sleeping in darkness while above is the swirling, starry night sky, light and beauty alive in the darkness and beyond that, the cosmos? While we sleep in the valley in our small lives between birth and death, with our striving, sorrows, grief and intermittent joys, great things are truly happening. Great mysteries do exist.

There are cosmic plans for humanity’s evolution…”

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Point by Point

“Every day we waste thousands of precious spirillae of energy to be able to stay afloat in this world without a soul, which unceasingly tries to transform us into automatic mechanisms, lifeless robots.

Every day we should ask ourselves what is the meaning of this mechanical life, which subtracts meaning and beauty from our life, leaving misery and sadness within us…”

Neblige Gasse bei Nacht

I hope you will find it soon...

“I saw you coming down the street towards me and you looked so forlorn. I wanted to comfort you but of course I couldn’t because you were a stranger going in one direction and I in another. Yet we strangers do meet in the heart because we belong to one human family, even if this knowledge is neglected, forsaken or forgotten.

All morning I wondered why you were unhappy….”

An old man walking along a green wood's path. The concept of healthy life and being young inside

The Journey of the Soul

“Many years ago, a man was seen walking down a road. He had a limp and rested heavily on a stick. Many people came up to him. Some jeered because he was quite ugly to behold. Others stared and turned away. Yet others passed without a glance.

This man was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He had heard wondrous stories of the delights to be found there. He had heard that he could find healing from holy men who lived there, and so he trudged on…”

Image - Let us go on search together

Let us Go on Search Together

When I was young, I longed for answers to my deepest questions: Who are we, why are we on this earth, why did we come and where do we go after we die? What, you too? Do you think many of us walk around with these hidden questions that they feel are ultimately unanswerable? Since no one comes back from death, do they think there can be no true answers? Religion and Science, you say, try to impose their systems of truth on us but somewhere they fail. They only have relative truth, you say, or doctrines based on tired formulas or limited procedures.

So, I understand your frustration when you say, what can we do?…”

Image -- If Only we knew

If Only we knew how to love each other

“If only we knew how to love each other on this planet we could transform everything. We could make a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.

So how do we do it?

We open our minds to this idea, that the will-to-good might become a prime guiding force in our culture …”

Image - Beyond Thought

Beyond Thought!

“Beyond thought! What an extraordinary concept, you say. There isn’t anything beyond thinking, beyond this language of the mind. My mind, you say, is me, and it runs my life. It is capable of probing many ideas and possibilities, making choices, it is a problem-solver, it is something that is an appropriate piece of equipment for running a modern life.

Yes, but I ask again. Is there anything beyond thought?…”

wild carrot flower closeup, an umbelliferous plant


• Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the carrot, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a new world—a fully realized heaven on earth

• Just as the seed contains the pattern and promise of the flower, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a glorious new world.

“Life is full of wonders we really can’t explain. When carrots and flowers spring from seeds, we know the mechanics but not the mystery. When a baby blossoms within a womb, we may know that cells multiply and grow into form, but what sublime essences infuse and fuel that DNA? What enters and exits in the human life cycle? In nature, we sense the hand of a Creator, orchestrating the vast diversity of creation.

Is there also a Divine Plan for humanity, growing within us, out of the mud of discord and chaos, into a pattern of beauty and peace?…”

Man with arms open towards morning sunlight rays


“It is time to look beyond death fearlessly, people of earth. On the other side of death is another world. Think of it as a realm where answers to the great questions of existence are known. Why did we come to earth, how should we live, why are we here?…”



When light dawns on the new era,
the world will become bathed in shimmering beauty
that will pry open hearts and
shatter walls of separation.

“The world as we know it is coming to an end and a new world is dawning on the horizon. Gone will be crime and lawlessness, as well as the death and destruction that currently bombards us from the air waves. In its place will be a world of shimmering beauty, one in which the hearts and minds of humanity are joined in oneness, creating a heaven on Earth.

This new world is dawning now and we have to decide if we wish to be part of it. Does this seem impossible to you?…”

Beautiful Sunset


“The importance and the uniqueness of the historical moment we are experiencing descends day by day more and more into the depths of our conscience, while we live everyday life.

This makes us irreplaceable and powerful where we are.
We know the difficulties and the pain of the World, while the Light and the Joy that comes from the certainty of a New Civilization to conquer, puts us in the conditions of giving and risking everything possible to light a new Life on this Planet….”

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