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The Journey of the Soul

“Many years ago, a man was seen walking down a road. He had a limp and rested heavily on a stick. Many people came up to him. Some jeered because he was quite ugly to behold. Others stared and turned away. Yet others passed without a glance.

This man was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He had heard wondrous stories of the delights to be found there. He had heard that he could find healing from holy men who lived there, and so he trudged on…”

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Let us Go on Search Together

When I was young, I longed for answers to my deepest questions: Who are we, why are we on this earth, why did we come and where do we go after we die? What, you too? Do you think many of us walk around with these hidden questions that they feel are ultimately unanswerable? Since no one comes back from death, do they think there can be no true answers? Religion and Science, you say, try to impose their systems of truth on us but somewhere they fail. They only have relative truth, you say, or doctrines based on tired formulas or limited procedures.

So, I understand your frustration when you say, what can we do?…”

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If Only we knew how to love each other

“If only we knew how to love each other on this planet we could transform everything. We could make a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.

So how do we do it?

We open our minds to this idea, that the will-to-good might become a prime guiding force in our culture …”

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Beyond Thought!

“Beyond thought! What an extraordinary concept, you say. There isn’t anything beyond thinking, beyond this language of the mind. My mind, you say, is me, and it runs my life. It is capable of probing many ideas and possibilities, making choices, it is a problem-solver, it is something that is an appropriate piece of equipment for running a modern life.

Yes, but I ask again. Is there anything beyond thought?…”

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• Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the carrot, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a new world—a fully realized heaven on earth

• Just as the seed contains the pattern and promise of the flower, the Divine Plan contains the pattern and promise of a glorious new world.

“Life is full of wonders we really can’t explain. When carrots and flowers spring from seeds, we know the mechanics but not the mystery. When a baby blossoms within a womb, we may know that cells multiply and grow into form, but what sublime essences infuse and fuel that DNA? What enters and exits in the human life cycle? In nature, we sense the hand of a Creator, orchestrating the vast diversity of creation. Is there also a Divine Plan for humanity, growing within us, out of the mud of discord and chaos, into a pattern of beauty and peace?…”

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“It is time to look beyond death fearlessly, people of earth. On the other side of death is another world. Think of it as a realm where answers to the great questions of existence are known. Why did we come to earth, how should we live, why are we here?…”

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When light dawns on the new era,
the world will become bathed in shimmering beauty
that will pry open hearts and
shatter walls of separation.

“The world as we know it is coming to an end and a new world is dawning on the horizon. Gone will be crime and lawlessness, as well as the death and destruction that currently bombards us from the air waves.  In its place will be a world of shimmering beauty, one in which the hearts and minds of humanity are joined in oneness, creating a heaven on Earth. This new world is dawning now and we have to decide if we wish to be part of it. Does this seem impossible to you?…”

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“The importance and the uniqueness of the historical moment we are experiencing descends day by day more and more into the depths of our conscience, while we live everyday life.
This makes us irreplaceable and powerful where we are.
We know the difficulties and the pain of the World, while the Light and the Joy that comes from the certainty of a New Civilization to conquer, puts us in the conditions of giving and risking everything possible to light a new Life on this Planet….”

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