Dear Visitors,

We greet you warmly at this unprecedented moment in time—a moment of pervasive darkness in the outer world and intensifying light within the human soul.  Our hope is that this website will be a source of inspiration for all who have awakened to spiritual realities and are yearning to see expressions of them in the world.  You will find here a clear affirmation that a new era is being born in consciousness and that it will, in time, become manifest on our planet.

This website represents an act of cooperation on the part of many human beings from around the globe.  Each of us has responded to an inner call to raise awareness that enlightened Beings dwelling on subtler planes of Earth are now approaching closer to humanity in order to inaugurate, with our participation, an age of spiritual light.   

If the messages you find here strike a resonant chord, we invite you to help spread them.  Circulating these seeds of truth and beauty through different networks can act to reinforce the light of our collective higher self, leading to greater expressions of Spirit in the world.

As you will notice, there are no names attached to this project.  Those who are responsible for it have been drawn together as souls and are united on the plane of the Soul, where names have little importance.  Working together under spiritual impression, authorship belongs to none and to all.

It is a joy to be able to share the fruits of our group endeavor with you.  If you would like to know more about this work, kindly fill out the contact form below.

Yours in spiritual companionship,

Participants, New Waves of Light

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