Earth shadows fall upon us

In these uncertain times,

But when the sun shines

Upon the morning glories,

Hearts open to the Light.

Story by Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks is able to talk to the flowers

In a most meaningful way, for he knows there

Is a deeper layer of reality that is accessible

When love is present. 

The little hamster teacher sits upon

His woodland stump as he often does,

To think about his friendship with

The growing things on earth.

Chubby with Blue Ribbon

He knows, and he absolutely understands, that

To realize the potential of inter-kingdom

Communication he must be the transcendent

Being in physical form. And thus he acts

As If this is so.

And if a little hamster being can think

In such large terms, perhaps we can too;

For this is a Divine Connection and

Not beyond our reach.

All is holy, all is in relationship to

The Higher Worlds. Everything is meant

To be in cosmic balance –

The earth, the sky, the waters.

All therein.

And thus, we call upon Our Elder Brothers

To move through the veil of separation,

      And meet us on Common Ground.

In Their Presence our Hearts unite.

In Their Presence, the Plan is shared.

Chubby Cheeks explains to the little ones 

That within the planetary soul is one big

Creative Idea.

Which is that we are all lovely,

Pieces of the One Life, the One God,

And of Each Other.

And so, the time has come when

The bridge between Heaven and Earth

Can be traversed by those who stand

In an interdimensional space –

Of Love.
And Light.